a few of my fave handmade things

today i’m posting over on Sanae Ishida’s blog as a part of her “fave handmade things” series. she gathered a few of us together and asked us to share favorite things we’ve made – i’m showing my own favorite, plus Em’s and O’s as well! those little ones…when they fall for something, they fall hard.


i always wonder what happens to things AFTER they get blogged – maybe some things sit and are never worn again (i’ve got plenty of those), maybe they’re loved and worn out to the point of major repair (like Em’s favorite)…and maybe (often) it’s a total surprise what kids end up attaching to (like O’s).

Monday :: An of StraightGrain
Tuesday :: Cherie of You & Mie
Wednesday :: Gail of Probably Actually
TODAY :: Kristin of Skirt as Top
Friday :: Robin of Nested in Stitches

i’m in fantastic company with this group – all friends of mine and an inspiring bunch of gals. Gail’s post from yesterday is the epitome of all that is right and good about mamas sewing for their kids, and brought tears to my eyes. how am i even supposed to follow that???

and if you haven’t poked around Sanae’s blog before, sit back, browse, and enjoy! she’s incredibly creative and prolific, sewing for her daughter, for herself, and posting lovely bits of randomness in between. she’s even made a couple scoop tops! yay!

you can find my post right here. thanks for having me, Sanae!

psssst….i’m working on grading the scoop top to a full range of sizes! might take a while, but i’m working on it. 😉

5 thoughts on “a few of my fave handmade things

  1. gail says:

    oh kristin, you’re the sweetest ever. thank you. loved your favorite things post, too – i’m really enjoying seeing everyone’s favorites!

  2. sanae says:

    Thank you so much for your wonderful guest post, Kristin. You never disappoint and I loved seeing all the family faves (plus the blanket now!).

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