kcwc fall 2011: day 1

this is what a little preparation + day off of work + both kids taking a 3 hour afternoon nap gives me…a great start to elsie marley’s fall kids clothes week challenge!  i learned something after participating in my first KCWC this spring – i do not want to be “wasting time” tracing and cutting patterns during the week.  i spent last week away from the sewing machine, but not away from my scissors.  i have everything cut and ready to sew, and in a couple instances (like the pleated pockets on this skirt) i got a couple of the finicky non-sewing steps out of the way so i wouldn’t get hung up.

the pattern is the oliver + s hopscotch skirt, made in a 3T.  the fabric is pencil tortoises from aneela hooey’s little apples.  i somehow missed her adorable sherbet pips line when it came out and am still kicking myself, but i jumped on this one!  so perfect for fall.  we’re eating a LOT of apples and have plenty of gray skies these days, so it couldn’t be more appropriate.  the buttons have little hearts drawn on them, which mimic the sketch-like design of the fabric.  kind of in love with those buttons.  they’re from bolt.

i finished the skirt JUST as i heard O waking up from his nap, and Em woke up a short time later to model for me before daddy got home.  talk about good timing.

i got even more fired up yesterday and cut out two more patterns (which brings me up to five).  my extra motivation boost came from a comment from jessica, who’s attempting to sew six items this week!  holy smokes!  we’ll see what happens on my end, but just in case i’m a speed sewing maniac, i’m prepared.

well…back to it!

18 thoughts on “kcwc fall 2011: day 1

  1. Kimberly says:

    Such adorable fabric. I keep coming across the Hopscotch skirt and I’m just smitten and thinking about getting the pattern, even though I have a son. I came across your blog via…let’s see…first the KCWC Flickr Group and this darling paper airplane outfit, then to Sparkle Power, then here. So stoked to see the buttons are from Bolt; they’re a favorite shop of mine. I’m also a rare Portland native. 🙂 Happy Sewing to you!

  2. jessica says:

    I just saw this in the pool and didn’t even realize it was you, ha! Those red buttons are perfect with little apples. I wish I had bought something from that line for this week… I guess it’s not too late 🙂 I do not know if I’ll make my six, but I will try!

  3. Trinh says:

    you know how to add just the tight detail to make a project not only complete and perfect, but also memorable and unique. in this case it has to be the buttons.

  4. deborah k. says:

    as cute as can be. I love your web site, your work is amazing and those little ones are the cutest models ever. I’m working up to trying some garments for the little girls in my life. thanks for writing and sharing. deborah

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