decorating for fall

i took a bit of a sewing break this week to be all ready to go next week for KCWC. well…i consider it a break, but i still ended up tracing and cutting two patterns and doing lots of thinking about what i want to make. also, we have some friends coming into town this weekend, so it was a good excuse to switch in/make some fall decor.

i made the bunting when i was first starting to sew, and i’m very proud of that little cheese dome. i went to the thrift store specifically to find a basic cheese dome for decoration and scored that little guy for $2, in perfect condition and still in his ’80s era box!

we finished our basement right before O was born, and there are still some blank walls that needed filling. i’d been wanting to make dana’s bats, and i think they fit quite nicely. Em is also obsessed with the old sesame street song “batty bat” by count von count – and i want to encourage her appreciation of the classics!

Em and i also did a little crafting together this morning during O’s nap…

it’s a pac-man ghost garland! i spotted this awesome pac-man garland and DIY template at mini-eco just a week after making my own pac-man lunch sack. how funny is that? pac-man is the new hot motif, apparently…though i made an owl ghost too. 😉

it wouldn’t be much of a mother-daughter craft project if it was just me wielding scissors while she watched, so i drew a variety of random faces on them so Em could color something in. i just tried to think of things i might be able to draw decently enough. hehe.

and finally, here’s my KCWC sneak peek. all oliver + s so far. two practical (one for the girl, one for the boy), plus one halloween costume that i’m grumbling a bit about (tulle! why did it have to be tulle?!). i might end up procrastinating on the tutu and opt for another pierrot or pair of warm pajama pants for O, which he needs. i kind of want quick sews that’ll bring me a lot of instant gratification during KCWC. i don’t really want to get hung up on something that might be frustrating, i just want to CHURN IT OUT!

see you next week! what’s your plan??

6 thoughts on “decorating for fall

  1. jessica says:

    Let me just get this out of the way: I’m REALLY jealous of your eames chair and that awesome side table.

    Ok, for next week, I might be a little too ambitious. I’m hoping to finish 6 items. But I’m getting all the fabric cut out ahead of time. (I bought the sailboat today thanks especially to you!)

    Also, your halloween decs are adorable.

    • kristin says:

      thank you and thank you! SIX?! you’re an animal! go for it! i think the sailboat might be my very favorite pattern – totally versatile, unisex, and easy to sew, but turns out really nice. have fun!

  2. carolyn says:

    Oh, I love all the decorations! And I have to say that I’m totally jealous of your basement. It actually looks like a proper room. Mine looks like a junk yard just threw up. It’s atrocious!
    I can’t wait to see what you make next week!

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