kcwc fall 2011: day 2

my son’s wardrobe consists of something like 75% hand-me-downs from his boy cousins and sister, 15% gifts or new purchases, and 10% handmade by me.  the great thing about the hand-me-downs are that they’re in great shape, fashionable, and free.  the bad thing is they are slightly the wrong season, because his cousins are spring babies.

O is in need of pants, both regular and pajama.  i have major “sewer’s guilt” and struggle to buy anything but major sale items now since i can make it so much cheaper (i’m sure this is a common affliction!)  i should just spend all of KCWC sewing pants for the little guy, but that would get a bit repetitive.  here’s a start at least.

they’re the bottoms to the (out of print) oliver + s bedtime story pajamas.  i made them in 12-18 month size but 18-24 month length, because i’m sick and tired of how fast this kid grows out of stuff!

also, he always pulls socks off, so i figured longer pants might keep his toesies a little warmer.  i think i made them long enough…

but thanks to the hem bindings, they look cute cuffed too.

the polka dots are michael miller ta dot flannel (again), and the bindings are my happy garden for cloud9 fabrics.  i usually exercise more restraint on prints for boys, but thought it’d be fun to mix dots and stripes on these PJs.  the flannel is sooooo soft and cuddly, it makes me want to snuggle him even more than usual!

that’s two “bottoms” in a row…maybe a top next?  off i go!

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