fruit stripe beach robe

ever since summer began, i’ve wanted to head to the oregon coast.  the weather looked good, so on sunday we drove over for a day trip.  em was shovel ready!

of course, after waiting all summer long to go, we ended up there during hood to coast weekend (which is, ohhhh…only the largest relay race in north america).  we had friends and family running it, but somehow didn’t make the connection until we were driving over that we were heading right to seaside, the town where the race ends!

thankfully, the race ended on saturday and the crowd was largely dispersed by the time we got there.

em rode the carousel, ate elephant ear and saltwater taffy, rode the tilt-a-whirl twice (she’s so brave!), swung on the beach swings, and played in the sand.  the water was FREEZING so there wasn’t much of that.  it was cool, but not too windy.  perfect weather for a cozy beach robe to cover up the swim suit.

the pattern is dana’s beach robe, made with an ikea towel (thinner and easier to work with than the towel i used for my niece’s robe).  the fruit stripe gum-esque bias binding is a seersucker from joann, and the hood lining is basically beautiful by maywood studio.  em picked the towel out herself, so she was very happy with it.  the robe transitions well from beach wear to tilt-a-whirl wear, too. 🙂

also making its official beach debut, the picnic blanket!  it made a good landing pad for mr. i’d-just-love-to-shove-a-handful-of-sand-into-my-mouth.  have a snack instead, buddy.

i’m just happy i was able to cross BEACH TRIP off my “must do before summer’s over” list.  yay!  i’m feeling much more content with fall coming now.

7 thoughts on “fruit stripe beach robe

  1. gail says:

    hooray for the oregon coast, in all its overcast glory! such a gorgeous color combination on the robe (yet again!) – i looooove the polka dots and fruity stripes together.

  2. Carolyn says:

    The robe is adorable! I may just have to put that on my sewing list for next summer (you definitely need a nice, warm robe at Pacific Northwest beaches 😉

  3. Nicci says:

    We spent some time on the Oregon coast this summer and loved the soft sand but found the water so cold – we are only up in Vancouver,BC (canada)but our ocean is warmer hmm?
    Had plans to make some robes for our everday swimming holiday and wanted to do Dana’s but would have had to size them up and I was not up to the task

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