a variation on the frankie carrier

em is getting a major kick out of her elephant carrier.  she takes it on ALL bike rides, nature walks, grandma and grandpa’s house, walks to the coffee shop, everywhere.  i often overhear “awwww look at that!” comments as we go by.  it’s an attention-getter.

we quickly noticed something, though.  bike riding, running, and playground-climbing are much easier when your special buddy is on your BACK, not your front.  i also usually wear her little brother in the backpack, and she really likes to be like mommy.  easy fix – flip the carrier around!

she’s freeeeeeee!

you just criss-cross the straps in the front instead of the back, like so:

and your buddy doesn’t get in the way of your normal, everyday, three-year-old activities!

give it a try!  🙂


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