90 minute shirt (that took me 2 hours)

what took me so long to try dana’s 90 minute shirt?  i’m not afraid of sewing with knits!  i guess i am a little scared of making my own pattern, though.  maybe that’s why.  anyway, i was silly.  don’t be silly like i was!  this is a fantastic tutorial.  and look, it makes a “real” shirt!  even the husband said “wow, you made that from scratch?”  yes hon, yes i did.

the gray is from an old t-shirt of my husband’s (definitely took the tip to use the existing bottom hem), and the green rib knit is from joann.  need to get more of that in more colors!  i sewed it all on my regular sewing machine with a ballpoint needle, which worked great.  i have a serger, but i’ve never threaded it.  i really need to learn how.

the front neck opening is a little high, but that’s easy to alter on my pattern for next time.  i took dana’s instructions a bit too literally when she said to add a seam allowance.  not necessary to add one on the neck opening area or ends of the sleeves, since they’re bound by ribbing.  should have figured that out.  i like the tight little arms on it – kind of a retro look.

and here’s my son chewing on his foot.  he was being a little squirrely and not cooperating for a good “look at the entire shirt” photo.  oh well, you get the idea.

you may be seeing a few more of these types of shirts in the future, and i was also thinking about lengthening one into a summer nightgown for my daughter.  both of my kids have big heads and sometimes grow out of the head opening of a garment before they grow out of the garment itself.  DIY lap-neck shirts are dana’s gift to large-noggined children with parents on a budget everywhere!

6 thoughts on “90 minute shirt (that took me 2 hours)

  1. soili says:

    You did a really good job. I like the green rib knit. I’m always a little hesitant to sew knits with a regular sewing machine, but maybe I should give it a try.

  2. gail says:

    yea! it looks so great! i’ve been really hesitant to make my own patterns too, but maybe now i’ll try 🙂 also – jealous of your serger!!

  3. Sophie says:

    Go you! You did such a great job…nothing to be scared of was there?! I was so excited to try that shirt for the same reasons, it seemed insurmountable.

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