welcome and monkeys

hello to anyone that has found me through dana or rae’s roundup of celebrate the summer boy!  i was so excited to see my little fox bib show up on both of their sites on friday, and i’m happy to have so many new visitors!  i have a few sewing projects in the works that just need to be photographed, so check back soon.

meanwhile, in the “i’m so proud of my daughter’s new feat and i’ve gotta tell everyone” department, she started making non-scribble drawings in the last month or so!  first it was just “happy faces,” but now she adds bodies, too.  she drew these at dinner the other night after i started her off with the two blue circles.  she told me they are monkeys.  they have ears and hair and hands and feet!  one even has a nose!  i am just blown away by how kids can suddenly do things that seemed way beyond them just a few weeks prior.  she went from just drawing eyes and a mouth to fully-appendaged people/monkeys!  note: her people don’t have big ears.  i guess big ears are the differentiating factor between humans and monkeys, in her three-year-old mind.

she drew her first “arms coming out of the head” person last week, too, and it’s a good thing i snapped a quick photo, because she immediately “colored it in” (read: scribbled all over it), rendering it no longer frameworthy.  she did the same to this monkey drawing.  i would feel like a mean mom snatching away her drawings as soon as she finishes them to my satisfaction, so i’ll have to be patient and wait for her to  complete her project with the drawing still recognizable before i can frame an original.  meanwhile, i’ll stay quick with my camera!

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