“worth a try” houndstooth baby shoes

this is a tough one.  i found a free online pattern for baby kimono booties a while back (not even sure how i found it, it’s not one of my usual blogs and i think the gal that posted it isn’t blogging anymore), and decided to try them out last night (it is “impromptu celebrate the summer boy week” with dana and rae after all!).  the pattern and tutorial are no good!  i don’t even want to link to it.  the pattern pieces were really off, the instructions were both incorrect AND incomplete…it was a mess.

that being said, i think i “made it work” well enough to make a decent-looking pair of houndstooth baby shoes with grippy soles for when my little guy needs traction.  i had to buy the houndstooth fabric to make some shoes after i saw these adorb ones.  they were a quick sew once i figured out and corrected the pattern errors, and they barely used any fabric.  i made the 6-12 month size, but they’re way too big on him now and i’m not sure if they’ll ever properly fit.  i just hope they’ll stay on well enough for around the house once he is ready to crawl/stand!

maybe i can work on the pattern a little more so they fit better, or maybe i need to buy a “real” pattern on etsy and try again.  we’ll see.

now i’m posting a button, because buttons are fun!


3 thoughts on ““worth a try” houndstooth baby shoes

  1. Valerie says:

    I love the kimono shoes, too, and a couple others that I’ve seen floating around on Etsy/Flickr. I’m pretty sure I have the free pattern you mentioned {or maybe two or three of them!} and wasn’t too keen on the outcome either. I did, however, strike gold at a $1 pattern sale at Joann’s when I found Simplicity #2278. I don’t plan to make the adult shoe, but there’s a kimono bootie, a Mary Jane style, baby “boots”, and super cute baby “sneakers” (that I was drooling over on the ‘net @ I Think I Sew —- I’m not sure the connection, but I just realized that the pattern I bought and the $4 individual patterns I was seriously leaning toward picking up through I Think I Sew are one in the same!)

    Here’s the direct pattern link: http://www.simplicity.com/p-5847-misses-babys-shoes.aspx

    View C is the sneakers; the I Think I Sew patterns also have a taller boot with the buttons on it that looks just like the sneakers — the Simplicity pattern doesn’t necessarily have that version pictured, but I’m going to combine the boot and the sneaker detail and see what I come up with.

    View B is the kimono shoes. Cute, cute!

    What I love most about this pattern is that you get three sizes —- up through 12 months! {grin}

    • kristin says:

      thank you! i’ll keep my eyes open for that one, for sure! i love the little “spats,” too. how cozy for the fall in a wool plaid…thanks again!

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