commissioned for a: bucket hat

look who can sit up by himself now!  yay, i love it when little babies can sit.  it just cracks me up.  he’s 5.5 months old.

my little guy’s new skill is all the more helpful to model a bucket hat that i made for our little 9-month-old friend, A.  she has beautiful blue eyes, so i chose fabric in shades of blue to complement them.  the pattern is the bucket hat from liesl gibson’s “little things to sew,” my second time making one.  it’s a great pattern and has a really nice, finished result.

this side is a little white floral on a blue background, a fat quarter i got at joann fabrics.

it’s reversible, too.  the other side is a sevenberry (japanese) print, a heavier cotton/canvas-y feel.  i like how the print sort of looks like a john lennon sketch.

i made it in the 6-12 month size, because i tried O’s hat on A when we saw her recently and it fit with just a little growing room.  that was great, because i didn’t need to retrace the pattern!

it does NOT fit on a large-noggined 3 year old…

…but she tried anyway.


9 thoughts on “commissioned for a: bucket hat

    • kristin says:

      thanks! yeah, i got it at bolt (again) a little while ago. my husband gave me a gift certificate for mother’s day last year and i built up a nice stash of special fabrics…it’s also not too far from my house, so it’s veeeeery tempting to go there a lot even though my gift card has long been used up! bolt is my happy place. 🙂

  1. gail says:

    i wish i got to bolt more often…unfortunately (but probably for the best!) i am on the opposite end of town. i’ve done some damage at cool cottons though – same situation, used up my gift card long ago but it hasn’t kept me away…. 🙂

  2. jody Brettkelly says:

    Hi there, nice to meet you. Found you through Simple Lovely and liked your comment. I was inspired to write my own post on it. Have not read the idle parent but love the title.

  3. kim says:

    We got the hat this weekend and LOOOOOVE it! Thank you so much!! I’ve been showing it off to everyone and emailing people links to your blog, bragging about my amazingly talented friend (and new workout partner, hehe!). The fabrics you chose are great. No wonder I like leaving that decision to you. 😉

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