the fox and the photographer

our friends, paul and maureen, recently had a baby boy.  maureen is a professional photographer, so a quick etsy search for “camera onesie” led me to this perfect screenprinted one via sueCdesigns (currently on vacation).  i love that it’s a 35mm camera, and actually looks a lot like the pentax that my folks had when i was growing up.  digital cameras are great, but i do have nostalgia for film too.

also wanting to give him something handmade by me, i made him a bib.  i went on a bib spree for my son during dana and rae’s “celebrate the boy” month using my own template and backing them with a towel.  they work really well absorbency-wise, so after modifying my template slightly, i whipped this one up.  i was so excited to cut into my joel dewberry woodgrain fabric (from aviary 2).  i’m kind of a big fan of woodgrain and had dashed to bolt to get some of this the same week it came out.  then, because i can’t not applique boy stuff, i added a little red fox.  i read somewhere that foxes are the new owls in the crafting world, so here’s me jumping on the bandwagon.

now, if i could think of more uses to put that woodgrain fabric into action ASAP…anyone have any?  baby pants might be a little ridiculous…maybe another hat?  more bibs?  something to teethe on?  hm…
UPDATE: if you’d like to make a bib like this, my bib and applique templates are available for free download along with a tutorial here

9 thoughts on “the fox and the photographer

  1. gail says:

    love that fox! is that terry cloth on his beard and tail? i’m kind of a sucker for faux bois, too. last halloween i wanted to make a simple dress out woodgrain fabric and turn it into a little tree costume, with felt or fabric leaves or something. but alas, i could only get my hands on half a yard….

  2. kristin says:

    thanks! yeah, the face and tail tip are the same terry as the back of the bib. tree dress is a cute idea! i got a full yard of this fabric because i didn’t want to run out and be mad at myself, and good thing because it was gone the next time i went to bolt (just a week later). i never even saw it at fabric depot because it sold so fast, but they do still have the green version as of last weekend…not as cute in my opinion.

  3. Jenny says:

    I found this via MADE and it is SUPER adorable! Wouldn’t it be cute to make a little stuffed “branch” out of that awesome woodgrain for teething with little satin and grosgrain taggie leaves?

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