darling clementine blanket and some angst

two of my friends asked me to make blankets for their babies a little while ago.  i was going to wait until both were done and just do one post about them together, but this evening em asked if we could go outside and take pictures, so i figured i’d just have her model the one i have finished and get it posted!  hope you don’t mind another entry about a simple blanket later.  my pint-sized model wasn’t about to be denied.

my friend rizeld has two adorable boys, with her third little one on the way…a girl!  she is due in late july.  i wanted to make the blanket super soft, but also a little lighter weight than flannel/minky (which is what i normally do) because she’s having a summertime baby.  i found this really soft cotton lawn (timeless treasures “darling clementine”), paired it with a darker pink minky cuddle, and there you go!  super snuggly and plenty girly.  i just get 1 yard of each fabric, so it ends up a good stroller/naptime blanket size.

em kind of thought it was hers, poor girl!  don’t worry about her, though, she has plenty of blankies.

after i’ve finished my “to do” list (just one more blanket!), i want to try to tackle clothing for MYSELF.  this is the next frontier for me.  i’m no longer intimidated by quilts, but clothing for me?!  major yipes.  i tried to make an elastic-waisted skirt a while ago, but it just didn’t look right.  then tonight i tried to make a gathered skirt with a zipper and fitted waistband based on an online tutorial and my favorite skirt, but it was a total flop (it somehow ended up a size 0, which i most definitely am not and never will be).  it zips, but i can’t breathe.  luckily, i made it with cheap fabric, hoping it’d be a “wearable muslin.”  it is not wearable, and will probably be salvaged into something for em.  i just need to stop winging it and follow a real pattern.  i obviously don’t know what i’m doing with adult clothes yet – they’re a whole different beast.

if anyone has any favorite skirt/dress pattern ideas, please pass them along!  i’ve seen a few examples online of the ginger from colette patterns that look really nice.  or maybe i should go with something by lisette?  oliver + s patterns basically taught me how to sew, so i know i can rely on great instruction from liesl.  i bet i’d get a lot of use out of a passport dress in a basic fabric – it looks like it’d be perfect with a jacket for work, or with sandals in the summertime.  maybe i’ll rustle up a joann coupon and give it a whirl…GULP!

One thought on “darling clementine blanket and some angst

  1. Trinh says:

    i would definitely go with the lisette patterns. they sometimes have simplicity patterns for $1.00 each at Joann’s. can’t wait to see your version.

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