commissioned for e: vintage sheet skirt

for the second spring/summer now, my bestie-from-high-school, kim, has “commissioned” me to make a few clothing items for her daughter “e,” who is just 6 months younger than my daughter, and about the same height/weight (which makes the sizing part a cinch!).   last year, i made sort of a collection and coordinated the separate pieces with each other so it all hung together (here’s what that looked like).  from photos i saw over the spring and summer, she seemed to get a good amount of use out of them.  yippee!

 this year, it seems that i have disparate ideas of what i want to make for her, so the whole collection doesn’t go together quite as nicely, but it really doesn’t need to.  what i’m saying is, i’ll be blogging about each item separately because they don’t look as pretty together all hanging on a line.  OCD.

this is another lazy days skirt made out of my current favorite thrifted vintage sheet.  i don’t care if the sheet isn’t 100% cotton; with a little polyester it doesn’t wrinkle!  and who wants to iron a 2-year-old’s everyday skirts?  not me!  i just love how soft vintage sheets are.

kim told me that e’s favorite colors right now are orange and green, but she said i shouldn’t feel the need to stick to that or to work them both in on the same garment.  weeellllll…i just happened to have this fabric, so BOOM!  green with a little bit of orange in there!  gotta please the 2 year old!

and does it pass the all-important jumping test?

i think so.

kim, it’s in the mail today!  🙂


7 thoughts on “commissioned for e: vintage sheet skirt

  1. kim says:

    yay!!! I want you to know that E has already worn this skirt and it is absolutely perfect! I will send you some pictures so you can see how great the fit is and how cute she looks in it. I am so in love with the clothes you make– I’m going to be placing orders until she hits the surly teens. 😉

    • kristin says:

      awesome! yes, i’d LOVE to see pictures. it’s even more fun knowing A will likely get some use out of them someday, too. not just sewing for one little girl of yours!

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