commissioned for e: flower dress

next up in the series of sewing for e, a little peasant dress.   i have had this fabric in my stash for probably a year with the intention of making a dress out of it.  it’s a really lightweight dobby dot from JoAnn, which i think will be perfect for frolicking on hot summer days.  i made it in a 3T and even added a little extra length, because i made one for my em in a 2T just a few months ago and it’s now tunic-length on her (here it is back when i made it).  wanted this one to last as a dress for e through any potential spring/summer growth spurts.

i love the ease of summer dresses for toddlers.  this one is an easy pick for mama, too (just throw on some sandals, maybe a sweater on a chilly morning, and go!).  i bet e could even completely dress herself – my little gal can get this on and off by herself no problem – which is a bonus.   i love the look of shoulder-tie dresses, but there’s something to be said for “just pull it over your head, pop the arms through, and you’re done!”  the pattern is leila and ben’s sweet little dress, an e-pattern on etsy, which i just love.  when i decided to size up for this dress, i just printed out the pattern again and cut right on the lines, no tracing involved!  all patterns should be offered as e-patterns, don’t you think?

i added pockets with a little contrasting purple polka dot fabric at the top, to break up the floral and make sure it didn’t veer into nightgown territory.  i broke out my oliver + s ice cream dress pattern for the pocket, following the instructions but omitting the v at the top.   my little gal loves pockets (and really, i think all adult dresses should have pockets too!).

another side note.  kim, i know i asked for color and fabric guidance based on e’s favorites, but it seems that as soon as you mentioned “i don’t love purple on her – it’s hard to find the right shade,” all my mind could think was PURPLE!  it was like the purple fabric had a magnet that i could not avoid!  i did the same thing with her last skirt.  orange and green together!  hope they work out okay, and you probably just shouldn’t tell me “i don’t like army green and doo-doo brown” because e’s next garment will undoubtedly be some kind of drab camouflage something-or-other!  ha!

4 thoughts on “commissioned for e: flower dress

  1. kim says:

    haha, I actually love greens and browns (chocolate is one of my favorite colors on her) but I really, REALLY love this dress. And pretty purple polka dots on a couple pocket do not a purple dress make! In any case, your color choices are always fabulous and wasn’t my main feedback to you: “do whatever you want! I know we’ll adore everything you make!”? I can’t tell you how much I love this dress. Your timing was impeccable, too, as the packages arrived on one of the very few warm-enough days we’ve had yet this year. E was wearing it within five minutes of waking up from nap.

    oh, sweet summer sundress days to come with my little girl wearing clothes made by such a special friend… thank you. 🙂

    • kristin says:

      oh good! so glad you (and e) like it. i have more in the hopper, but it’s been back-burnered due to more pressing birthday and baptism sewing. 🙂 love you.

  2. Devon says:

    This is a really cute dress, well done! I had this same fabric and made a ice cream top out of it last summer! The fabric really is just the right weight for the upcoming summer weather.

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