handmade with love, vol. 1

i’m still “finding my voice” with this blog, figuring out what to post about aside from my various sewing projects.  i have decided, however, that i definitely want to feature some of the lovely items that family members and friends have made for and gifted to us.  i didn’t feel like i could do that with my flickr site, but we’ve received some really beautiful handmade items from my talented mom, aunts, grandma, sister-in-law, and family friends that need to be shared with the world (or at least the world wide web).  today is as good a day as any to start this little segment, since i’ve got a couple of projects sewn but not yet blog-worthy (gifts for others!).

this blanket was crocheted for my son by my aunt sandra before he was born.  it seems that each of my mom’s sisters has claimed a different “domestic art” as their go-to, and sandra crochets.  she also bakes the most scrumptious desserts and recently organized a family cookbook with some mouth-watering recipes that i can’t wait to dive into…but i digress.  this blanket was so perfect that it made me rethink oh’s entire nursery decor from what i had originally planned (i’ll post a tour of that later, too…still a couple of things i need to finish up).  luckily, i received it before we bought any paint!

it’s made of thick and cozy wool yarn, and this puppy is WARM.  i am in love with the main part of it, where somehow she wove together both light aqua-ish blue and brown for a sock-monkey type effect.  i don’t know how to crochet, so this seems insanely complex to me (though i’m sure she’s whips through it no problem, because she’s good like that).

the border is the same beautiful blue in another interesting stitch pattern, and rounded corners.  i know next-to-nothing about crochet, so sorry i can’t provide details about how it’s made.  i just admire.  i also admire these chubby legs.  they make a great afternoon snack.

stay tuned for more loveliness we’ve received from sandra and others on the next edition of…”handmade with love!”

thanks again, sandra!

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