archvillain for STYLO 3

any good detective has a nemesis out there, just one step ahead and always hatching evil plots.  for STYLO i knew i wanted to make two looks, and i thought it would be really interesting to have the same kid playing both roles.  whereas my detective look was classic, i wanted the villain look to be fashion-forward.  i wanted a dramatic silhouette and to push the envelope a bit.

archvillain for stylo magazine // skirt as top

my villain resides in an ultramodern lair on top of a mountain.  she is shadowy, angular, cunning.  i used basic patterns sewn in new ways with interesting fabrics, and made a few accessories to complete the look.  but oh man, the location was the icing on the cake!

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girl detective for STYLO 3

and now, more about my detective look for STYLO 3!  have you made it through the magazine yet?  so good, right?

to tell you the truth, i’d been keeping a secret pinterest board with STYLO ideas since before the second issue came out in the hopes that someday it might come in handy.  i had sort of an ethereal floral theme going on that was pretty, but once i was actually invited to participate, i had a different brainstorm.  i really liked the idea of creating a detective, a smart, strong, capable girl – Sherlock Holmes influenced for sure, but still feminine, layered, fallish.

girl detective for stylo magazine // skirt as top

bit by bit, i gathered ideas and built my pinterest board with the help of some friends.  i tend to approach creative challenges by mulling them over and over in my mind until i’ve figured the whole thing out, and only then can i dive into the actual making.  i like to start with a general idea or theme, then work out the details – using the powers of deduction! Continue reading


one of my favorite projects in kid’s sewingblogland over the last year has been STYLO Magazine, the brainchild of Celina of Petit à Petit and Family and Jess of The Sewing Rabbit.  it’s an online magazine featuring fashion-forward kids clothes – and all of the outfits are handmade!

when first issue came out in January, it blew me away with how editorial and different it was from the usual fare – the looks pushed the envelope and i saw something really fresh and new going on.  it inspired me, as did issue two, which came out in May.  C was too little for me to participate back then, but i put a bug in Celina’s ear that i reeeeeally hoped i could join in for a future STYLO, and i was so excited to contribute to issue 3, which is now live!

villain look for stylo 3 // skirt as top

i made up a storyline of a “girl detective” hot on the trail of her “archvillain nemesis” and sewed two outfits for E so she could play each role.  i sewed 7 pieces of clothing, knitted a scarf, and made accessories too, and i’m thrilled to have brought my vision to life.  it was a lot of work, but so creatively satisfying.  E and i had a super fun photoshoot where she really got into character – she’s cunning, she’s stylish, and she’s trying to take over the world!

the photo above is a preview of my villain look…you’ll need to head on over to STYLO to see my detective look and to check out the fantastic projects by my co-contributors.  there’s some serious talent in there.  gorgeous photography, great ideas, it’s so exciting to see everyone rise to the challenge.

> > >      FEAST YOUR EYES UPON STYLO 3      < < <

i’ll be back during the week with more photos and details on each look!