a friendly reminder and a gold jack

you’ve got until noon PST on sunday to enter to win a clever charlotte pattern of your choice, so if you haven’t gotten your name in yet…go do it!

we spent thanksgiving up at the sound with my husband’s family.  we stayed warm by the fire while a storm stirred up the puget sound on thanksgiving day, and stuffed our faces full of good food.  Em and i even braved the beach for a bit – don’t you love a stormy day at the beach?  i really do, and luckily she’s a girl after my own heart.  we didn’t see the normal array of jellyfish, starfish, and geoducks, but we did turn over some rocks for a peek at the tiny crabs scurrying for cover underneath, and collected some driftwood for painting (i’m thinking something like this idea?).

speaking of painting, since we got home i’ve been spray painting stuff gold.  my sister-in-law got me this oversized metal jack that she knew i had wanted for my birthday, and she encouraged me to paint its odd, faux-rusty finish.  it wasn’t raining, so today was the day.

BOOM!  gilded jack bookend!

perfect to prop up my little collection of vintage books.  i get a kick out of finding books entitled “latin for today” or “occupations for little fingers” (a crafting and knot-tying book for kids) and will never pass up a hardcover classic like “oliver twist” (copyright MCMLVI).  when i go thrifting, these are the treasures i can’t leave behind.

thanks again, susie!

back soon with the winner!

decorating for fall

i took a bit of a sewing break this week to be all ready to go next week for KCWC. well…i consider it a break, but i still ended up tracing and cutting two patterns and doing lots of thinking about what i want to make. also, we have some friends coming into town this weekend, so it was a good excuse to switch in/make some fall decor.

i made the bunting when i was first starting to sew, and i’m very proud of that little cheese dome. i went to the thrift store specifically to find a basic cheese dome for decoration and scored that little guy for $2, in perfect condition and still in his ’80s era box!

we finished our basement right before O was born, and there are still some blank walls that needed filling. i’d been wanting to make dana’s bats, and i think they fit quite nicely. Em is also obsessed with the old sesame street song “batty bat” by count von count – and i want to encourage her appreciation of the classics!

Em and i also did a little crafting together this morning during O’s nap…

it’s a pac-man ghost garland! i spotted this awesome pac-man garland and DIY template at mini-eco just a week after making my own pac-man lunch sack. how funny is that? pac-man is the new hot motif, apparently…though i made an owl ghost too. 😉

it wouldn’t be much of a mother-daughter craft project if it was just me wielding scissors while she watched, so i drew a variety of random faces on them so Em could color something in. i just tried to think of things i might be able to draw decently enough. hehe.

and finally, here’s my KCWC sneak peek. all oliver + s so far. two practical (one for the girl, one for the boy), plus one halloween costume that i’m grumbling a bit about (tulle! why did it have to be tulle?!). i might end up procrastinating on the tutu and opt for another pierrot or pair of warm pajama pants for O, which he needs. i kind of want quick sews that’ll bring me a lot of instant gratification during KCWC. i don’t really want to get hung up on something that might be frustrating, i just want to CHURN IT OUT!

see you next week! what’s your plan??

a very pink third birthday party

despite my best efforts to dress her in neutral colors as a baby and avoid too much pink, my daughter claimed it as her most favorite as soon as she learned her colors.  she wants pretty much everything to be pink.  last year for her second birthday, i organized an “up party” since it was her favorite movie at the time (photos here and here and her dress here).  this year, i indulged her and just went with the pink.  a couple weeks before the party, i started a pinterest board and rounded up a bunch of great party ideas i remembered from around the web.  the post-it note big 3 above was a combination of this post-it note wall art and this giant number from oh happy day!  i also hung twisty streamers like i saw on aesthetic outburst, only i made them two-tone with lighter and darker pink.

my main “statement piece” was a flower piñata like i’d seen on inchmark  last year.  it took a long time to cut out and stick on all of the petals (my husband did most of the cutting out), but i love it.  i didn’t have the heart to break it.  i’m planning to hang it in her room once i’m ready to take it out of the living room, but i do love the pink pop against our walls for the time being.

the whole time i was working on it, i had “the high road” by the broken bells stuck in my head.

see the resemblance?

 (maybe james mercer and danger mouse are inchmark fans, too.)

we had a 9am breakfast party, since two of em’s cousins had a t-ball game later.  breakfast parties are great!  parents of young children (and grandparents) are up early anyway, and generally in a good mood as long as you have plenty of coffee around.  we had a fun cereal bar (a la cakies), fruit, huevos rancheros, sausage, and sticky rolls.  for her “cake,” my mom made breakfast muffins with strawberry cream cheese frosting and fresh strawberries on top.  i punched out a bunch of pink and gold confetti and sprinkled that around the table, and used my grandma’s vintage bauer pottery to display em’s special birthday muffin with three candles.

i made her skirt loosely based on this crewcuts version (also discovered on pinterest, seriously my favorite site on the internet).  it’s a layer of voile and a layer of batiste with the selvedges as the hems.  then i hand-tacked on a row of sequins.  she looooooved it.

her big gift from us was a dollhouse with lots of accessories from various family members.  she also got a real tambourine, a soccer ball, clothes, and coloring stuff.  but her most-used gift so far has been the buddha board (which i discovered via the artful parent, though i think i remember seeing them way back when i was younger).  she likes to practice her “smiley faces.”  pretty good, eh?

once she finishes each drawing, she plays “black out” and just paints the whole thing with water, then moves on to something else while it dries…then comes back and paints it out again.

she really loved her pink party, and i’m still trying to come to grips with the fact that my little girl is now THREE.  i love her so much!