a friendly reminder and a gold jack

you’ve got until noon PST on sunday to enter to win a clever charlotte pattern of your choice, so if you haven’t gotten your name in yet…go do it!

we spent thanksgiving up at the sound with my husband’s family.  we stayed warm by the fire while a storm stirred up the puget sound on thanksgiving day, and stuffed our faces full of good food.  Em and i even braved the beach for a bit – don’t you love a stormy day at the beach?  i really do, and luckily she’s a girl after my own heart.  we didn’t see the normal array of jellyfish, starfish, and geoducks, but we did turn over some rocks for a peek at the tiny crabs scurrying for cover underneath, and collected some driftwood for painting (i’m thinking something like this idea?).

speaking of painting, since we got home i’ve been spray painting stuff gold.  my sister-in-law got me this oversized metal jack that she knew i had wanted for my birthday, and she encouraged me to paint its odd, faux-rusty finish.  it wasn’t raining, so today was the day.

BOOM!  gilded jack bookend!

perfect to prop up my little collection of vintage books.  i get a kick out of finding books entitled “latin for today” or “occupations for little fingers” (a crafting and knot-tying book for kids) and will never pass up a hardcover classic like “oliver twist” (copyright MCMLVI).  when i go thrifting, these are the treasures i can’t leave behind.

thanks again, susie!

back soon with the winner!

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