birthday mini marthe

seven!  this one had a birthday and she’s now seven years old.

birthday mini marthe

i sewed her a new dress the night before her birthday party at school.  she had requested a “twirly dress” and i wanted to try a new pattern that would be quick, since there was a bit of a time crunch, you know…

there’s always a time crunch.  😉

birthday mini marthe

this dress was super fun, definitely twirly, and i really love how it looks on her!

birthday mini marthe

i tried out a new pattern brand this time, Republique du Chiffon.  they’re French (the patterns are written in French!) and their designs are perfectly simple and sweet.  i headed right over and purchased the Mini Marthe Pattern after seeing the most lovely dress that Rachel made for her daughter, but was also very inspired by Sophie’s version (which is in the same fabric as mine, just a different colorway!).

birthday mini marthe

the pattern is simple – raglan sleeves with shaping darts at the shoulders, simple bias finished neckline, a gathered skirt.  i made a 6 and the fit is roomy, which works perfectly with a loose and flowy fabric like the double gauze i used here.

birthday mini marthe

as other bloggers have mentioned, the pattern doesn’t tell you a couple things; namely how to finish the back neckline and close the dress!  i folded the opening under twice and carefully topstitched, adding a few rows of zigzag at the bottom to stabilize it.  an elastic hair tie sandwiched into the neckline bias tape and an adorable button from Cherie closed it up.

birthday mini marthe

also, you have to add seam allowances!  i did the pencil method and it worked fine, though a 1/4” allowance is a bit scant when you intend to finish by serging, which i did.  double gauze frays.

mini marthe

modifications: i scooped the neck out a bit (a bit too much i think but oh well) and made the skirt extra twirly by cutting the front AND back selvedge-to-selvedge.  wasn’t taking any chances on twirliness.  she doesn’t stop dancing and jumping and twirling while she’s wearing it, so that was definitely a success.

i also shortened the sleeves to elbow length for spring.  the neckline and sleeve length were again Rachel’s ideas.  and honestly i didn’t even bother to translate the pattern instructions…just the words for “front” and “back” and “cut on fold” on the pattern itself.

birthday mini marthe

the fabric for the dress is cotton + steel double gauze (i know right??) in spark coral.  the color is so happy, i just love it.  the dress feels like it should be a nightgown; it doesn’t get much softer or more comfortable than this stuff.  it’s pricey, but i got it with my coupon at Fabric Depot – they have quite a bit of the “fancy” cotton + steel (double gauze, rayon, canvas) as well as their quilting cottons in the store, which is all SO TEMPTING AND EVIL.

birthday mini marthe

Em had a fantastic 7th birthday party (it was so warm the party was a picnic in our backyard and the kids had their first slip n slide of the year!).  i’m excited about her turning 7 – it seems incredible how quickly it’s happened, but i remember the years she’s entering as the best time when i was a kid (especially summers) and i think it’s a fun time as a parent too – rather than helping her do things, i get to do more things WITH her, and see her assert her independence a bit more too.

but really, she just wants to play with the neighbor kids pretty much all the time!  it’s gonna be a fun summer.

birthday mini marthe

have a happy weekend!


14 thoughts on “birthday mini marthe

  1. Annette says:

    You gave E twirl power and coverage for all of the play she can imagine. Well done. I just purchased some Birch Organic Cotton Knit for the bibs we will decorate at Laura’s shower! I will use my new serger1 Craft on!

  2. gail says:

    happy SEVEN!! that fabric, oh man. the depot has all the good stuff these days! maddening! anyway, she looks beautiful in her twirly new dress, it’s lovely!

  3. rachel says:

    whoa that is some seriously impressive climbing! and that dress is seriously impressive, too! i love it on e! it looks so great on her. double gauze! sounds so dreamy! <3<3

  4. daniellebwilson says:

    love her and her twirling and fence climbing. It’s such a perfect summer dress! So swishy and comfortable and I like the mods you made. I think the neck is perfect? But I like a scooped neck 😉.

  5. kristi says:

    So cute! The double gauze is perfect for this dress, and she looks great in this color. We also have a May birthday, and I didn’t sew a thing (shame on me)! But it’s a great time of year for a kid party.

  6. Lisa Burger says:

    Great dress! My eldest is a little monkey like her! People at parks would look at her/me like: aren’t you gonna tell her to get down!?! Nope, she can handle it!

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