KCW: simple floral skirt

one more kids clothes week thingie i’m finally getting around to blogging…a simple skirt for E.

simple floral skirt

she still loves wearing skirts, and i still love making them.  this one is your standard full-width-of-fabric, match the selvedges to create a rectangle, hem, add waistband type deal.  a few details make it special, though.

simple floral skirt

for the waistband, i sewed two channels and threaded 1/4” elastic into each, similar to the swingset skirt.  i thought the lightness of the fabric warranted a more dainty waistband than the standard 1” elastic, and it seems super comfortable too.

i got her a pack of hair bands at Target and they immediately became rainbowtized bracelets that she rearranges on a daily basis, because rainbows.

also, marker fingers.

simple floral skirt

second detail is a trimming from the selvedge of Melody Miller’s Mustang line for Cotton + Steel that i added to the hem – it says “leap and the net will appear.”  the perfect motto for a kid who loves to climb trees, maybe?  or maybe not?  haha.

simple floral skirt

third thing is the fabric itself.  it’s a light cotton lawn or voile, not sure, sent along with a set of cloth napkins i won in a giveaway from Tatia – i was digging through my stash and found it and knew it’d make the perfect full, flowy skirt.  it was super wide so it gathered up really nicely, and i gave it a nice chunky couple inch hem to weigh it down a bit.  the blue and yellow flower print is so pretty!

simple floral skirt

she really loves this little dude.  🙂

kid's clothes week


18 thoughts on “KCW: simple floral skirt

  1. Leslie says:

    What a pretty skirt! My almost five year old would love this. The double channel elastic does give it pizzazz at the waist — but the C+S selvage message really makes it. What a great idea!! I’ve always thought it’s a shame that those little messages never get seen by anyone but us.

  2. Annette says:

    Kristen you delight me with every post. Your sewing is great. Garment styling is inventive and inspiring. The staging of your photos is the bomb! How blessed the kids are to have such a magical mommy and we get to peek in from time to time. Thanks for the boost!


  3. DeAyn says:

    Love the skirt…and the shoes! They go so well together.
    Any chance you can tell me where you purchased her lovely little espadrilles?

  4. rachel says:

    I love this! I have been wanting to make a floral skirt for Indigo f o r e v e r! This has a vintage feel to it, too. Perfect for Vintage May. 🙂 E reminds me so much of Indigo in this photo with C. Those two girls – two peas in a pod.

    • kristin says:

      sure! just use a light and flowy fabric instead of a quilting cotton, i think. quilting cotton tends to look “homemade” instead of “handmade” on skirts a lot of the time.

  5. Marina says:

    I love your skirt and think the selvedges on the Cotton & Steel ranges are a nice touch. I have a Sarah Watts print that says “Persistence Prevails” – very true when sewing…..

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