KCW: ed emberley pj pants

i have a pretty strong tradition of pajama pants sewing for kids clothes week, especially for this kid here.  LET THE TRADITION CONTINUE.

ed emberley pjs

pajama pants are the perfect way to turn a really fun print into something wearable and cozy.  boy prints can be hard to find projects for, but PJ pants are always a winner i think.  (unless you’re Tara and you make a super rad Lion shirt!)

ed emberley pjs

these are especially nice because the fabric is organic cotton and super light and soft.  i got this fabric quite a while ago, at Bolt i think.  it’s Ed Emberley’s Happy Drawing line for Cloud9 Organics, and it’s so great right?  O sleeps under his alligator quilt every night, and he was pretty excited about these pants when he saw them, too.

ed emberley pjs

the pattern is the Made by Rae Parsley Pants pattern, size 3 with straightened out lower legs (no flare) and 1” added to the length.  i always want PJs to be a bit too big so these are perfect.  this kid will wear clothes FOREVER, like way past the time he has grown out of them.  i actually have to hide outgrown clothes or he’ll try to wear them!

ed emberley pjs

case in point – he’s actually wearing his baby brother’s 18-24 month size t-shirt in these photos.  you can’t tell though, right?  ;P

ed emberley pjs

i had freezer paper stenciled a bunch of matching Seattle Mariners retro logo tees for a game we went to a few weeks back, so to be fair O has a size 4 shirt that looks identical to this one…but…you know…it actually covers his belly.


kid's clothes week

8 thoughts on “KCW: ed emberley pj pants

  1. Brooke says:

    Pj pants ftw! I like to either make pj pants or summer shorts out of the fun prints. For some reason, summer seems like a good time to wear wild prints as actual clothing.

  2. Lightning McStitch says:

    You mean you would have us deprived of those belly shots?! He’s too cute.
    I know what you mean about having to hide the too small stuff. My daughter is wearing some size 2 pyjamas that are ridiculously small now.
    Great pants. Nice KCW tradition!

  3. rachel says:

    Man these are cute! And that belly button photo – can’t handle it. 😉 Did you know that Ed Emberly has a drawing book for kids? Anytime I use it with my kids, I feel like I’m a drawing rockstar. So I guess it’s for adults too!

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