chartreuse + moonlit playtime dress

today i’m posting over at the Oliver + S blog with what they call a “wardrobe edit,” where i list what i would make if i had all the time in the world, all the fabric budget in the world, and any oliver + s pattern to sew with.  OH HOW I WISH!!  i picked a few things for E, an outfit for O, and even something for baby C (who is such a fun little fella these days – sleeping through the night and giggling is the BEST).  it was fun to pull together – check it out!    

at a certain point while writing the wardrobe edit post, i got a bee in my bonnet to MAKE one of the things – i guess to show i’m serious or something.  so here it is…look number 1 from the wardrobe edit post…the chartreuse + moonlit playtime dress!

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

somehow i had missed this butterfly print in the initial cotton + steel hullabaloo and only came across it recently on Miss Matatabi.  it’s quiet but oh man is it beautiful.  it’s from moonlit by Rashida Coleman-Hale – i got it at Modern Domestic, you can get it here.  

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

the solid on top is also from cotton + steel (coordinates) and also purchased at Modern Domestic.  it just had a number on the bolt in the store, not a name, but i believe it’s peridot, available here.  i’m don’t normally reach for chartreuse and any other day would’ve grabbed a tonal blue color (like this dress), but that day was a “fabric shopping with a bunch of local sewing bloggers + Cherie” day, and when one is fabric shopping alongside Kat, one must step up to the BOLD color combos you guys.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

blue and yellow are complementary colors – opposite on the color wheel – which makes them intrinsically high contrast and energetic.  this dress feels super modern and i love how both colors go with her tan skin, too.  she looks good in all the colors though.  it’s kind of amazing.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

the pattern is the Oliver + S playtime dress.  i left off the sleeves and bound the armholes with bias strips, and cut the skirt with a hi-low hem.  why?  dunno. just wanted to.  the playtime dress is one of those great basics that can go in so many different directions just with a little tweak here or there.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

i cut about 2.5” off the front skirt and curved it down to meet the back skirt length, ending about 1/2” from the side seams.  i’m not used to such a short skirt on her but i think her knees are pretty darn adorable.  plus given the room in the bodice, it’ll fit as a tunic in a few months.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

oh and i didn’t use the skirt pattern pieces – this is just a half yard cut, chopped in half so i could do side seam pockets.  it would’ve been fun to do double-selvedge-to-selvedge for a super full skirt, but less-full is a different look for me, so it’s good.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

i had fun playing with details too – the buttons are sewn on with bright magenta thread, and (cough*because i ran out of fabric*cough) i used two different colors inside the pocket.  Sew Chibi harlequin influence strikes again?  PERHAPS.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

like i mention in my post, E has grown out of quite a few of her dresses and skirts and now at age 6 she has grown into a whopping size 4 bodice (!), so it’s really time for me to focus on sewing more for her again.  girls are so fun to sew for though.  ain’t complaining.

chartreuse and butterfly playtime dress

she spent a good portion of this photoshoot inspecting a dead earwig on the ground.  as you do.


21 thoughts on “chartreuse + moonlit playtime dress

  1. Brittany says:

    So cute, Kristin! I love this color combination! I still need to make the playtime tunic. I’ve made the leggings several times, but never the tunic. You’ve motivated me! Beautiful work!

  2. Celina says:

    oh you just made me want to sew this pattern. So cute. And i love the bold colors. Awesome as usual. Now i need to buy that cotton & steel fabric sitting in the shopping cart!

  3. gail says:

    it’s lovely! those butterflies are the greatest, and so are her knees! 🙂 i like the idea of a sleeveless playtime dress…or maybe even short sleeves…hmmm….

  4. rachel says:

    I love this dress so much, Kristin! The chartreuse is perfect paired with the blue and I love your button choice, too. Amazing! I also really, really love the sleeves. They’re perfect! I really couldn’t love this dress more! So inspired!

  5. Brienne Moody says:

    FABULOUS color combination. I wouldn’t have picked that print for some reason but seeing it here, paired with the chartreuse has me looking for things to make with it. Great pocket photo:)

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