s is for stanley tee (and some quick shorts)

so.  this one is pretty obscure.  i came across this “s is for stanley” graphic around the web somewhere a couple years ago, thought it was great, printed it out…and then it got buried on my cutting table, waiting for me to turn it into a stencil.

and then i cleaned my sewing room, came across it, and figured now was the time to finally make it happen.

s is for stanley tee

stanley is stanley kubrick, director of such films as “dr. strangelove,” “the shining,” “a clockwork orange,” “full metal jacket,” “eyes wide shut.”  all completely inappropriate films that no child should watch…but they’re also provocative, interesting films with a strong creative point of view.  his films had a strong influence on pop culture / other movies.  even if you haven’t seen any of his movies, you’ve likely heard “heeeeeeere’s Johnny!” or know the image of a “war room.”  and hey, the man himself had a pretty distinctive look.  bushy beard, bags under his eyes…perfect for a kid shirt!  heh.

s is for stanley tee

the portrait is supposedly by an artist named JAKe, but i couldn’t find an image source – and the shirt was sold as an adult shirt, but is no longer available.  i think i stumbled across it on pinterest and just thought it was hilarious.  such an inside joke.  have non-film-geeks even heard of stanley kubrick, let alone know what he looks like??

s is for stanley tee

i used the flashback skinny tee (in a 4T – best to size up for a roomier short sleeved tee) and made the tee from one of my husband’s donate pile shirts.  i traced the graphic onto freezer paper, cut it by hand with an x-acto knife, and filled in with fabric paint.

his shorts are dana’s KID shorts in a 3T made with leftover sweatshirt material from my hudson pants.  super comfy, super quick, easy for him to pull on.  i left them unheeded and cut a little slit up the outside leg for room (zigzagging across the top of the slit for stability).

s is for stanley tee

funny thing was, O saw the shirt in progress and really took a liking to it – he started asking me when his “shirt with the man on it” would be done!  i was going to save it for kid’s clothes week to sew, but because of his prodding i ended up making this outfit a couple days before KCW started…and of course i’m just posting it now.

maybe this guy will end up a movie geek like his dear old dad.  future grown up O, you’re welcome.


14 thoughts on “s is for stanley tee (and some quick shorts)

  1. rae says:

    heee! this is fantastic. yes we have the whole Kubrick collection over here. just watched the Shining again a couple months ago…have you seen the documentary on it? so interesting,

  2. Lightning McStitch says:

    Awesome. Immediately recognisable as Kubrick!
    I saw an interview with John Waters the other day and all I could think of was what a natty dresser he was, and should I copy his outfit for one of my kids! (wanna talk inappropriate?) I get you, Kristin!

  3. Desert Lady says:

    Love it! My husband I visited the hotel in Estes Park CO that was supposed to have inspired or been used in The Shining. (can’t remember excactly)

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