charcoal scoop top

so i’m blogging this one, and i’ll wear it, but i’m a bit disappointed in it.

modal scoop top

it’s the fabric.  i’ve made this mistake a couple times – i get drawn in by the softness and drapeyness of knit blends with modal in them, and each time i’ve sewn with that stuff i learn how difficult it is.  it moves, it stretches, and it clings to the body in not-so-great ways.  the other project i made with it never got blogged, it was so unwearable.  it’s just so pretty on the bolt!

charcoal scoop top

the pattern is my free scoop top pattern.  i’d been hankering to sew for myself again (it’s the spring top sewalong and selfish sewing week after all!) so i grabbed this fabric out of my stash on a whim.  unfortunately, all knits are not created equal, and this one just wasn’t right for the project.  sigh.  i really like the color and it’s fine layered with a cardigan, but getting a clean-looking hem just wasn’t possible here.  if you make a scoop top, promise you’ll use something a little more stable and a less slinky, okay?  like a nice jersey.  the rayon jersey i used for this one seems to be the most successful, wearability-wise.

see that weird, wavy hem?  ugh.

modal scoop top

also, the neckline stretched waaaaaay out and didn’t snap back, even after a spritz with water and a toss in the dryer.  it’s the scoopiest scoop top ever, and not on purpose.

modal scoop top

i sewed something for myself, though!  it’s still so rare for me, it’s always a bit exciting.  since this top, i’ve made a couple of very successful self-sewing projects i can’t wait to show you…but i’ll just need to hold my horses until the proper month!

14 thoughts on “charcoal scoop top

  1. Erin says:

    Oh, you are so cute with bangs!! Love them on you. As for the shirt- which is cute even with it’s wonky hem, as long as you can throw a cardi over it, then it’s not a total loss!

  2. lisa g says:

    i think you can get away with the neckline if you just label it “slouchy” 🙂 as for the hem, whenever i use those slinky fabrics i use the rolled hem function on the serger and set the differential to stretch to get the wavy lettuce edge. works perfect for this sort of knit!

  3. melle e says:

    I agree. From the side it looks really nice.

    Could you cut some off and change it to a peplum? That wave would be perfect at the end of a peplum.

    As far as the neck, instead of scoop, call it ballet. Tah-Dah!

  4. Robin says:

    lookin’ good, lady! i like the neckline! i second the advice on using double-sided tape for stabilizing necklines. also, have you thought about just cutting the hems off and leaving them raw? i wonder if it would lose the waviness if you did that and threw it in the wash. i think raw edges on knits are cute and underutilized.

  5. rachel says:

    Well, wavy hem or not, you look gorgeous! I give you a lot of credit for blogging what didn’t go well, too… and giving us feedback on what to avoid. All so helpful! You are beautiful inside and out. 🙂

  6. Rae says:

    oh this is too funny — I cut the exact same top (I’m even wondering if we had the same fabric) last week. I wanted to make a scoop top out of a charcoal grey knit…in my case it came out too small and short (oops probably should have realized I should size it up since I’m TALLER than you by a bit and have an extra 15 pounds on me right now)…I ended up giving it to Tashina haha. Anyway, so funny!! You can always use it to mow the lawn right?

  7. Adrianna says:

    Yeah, I agree, I think the neckline is actually really nice. Perfect everyday slouchy top. And nobody’s gonna be looking at your hem with those adorable bangs anyway 😉

  8. Sanae says:

    I like the neckline too, Kristin – you look great! I’ve gotten that same waviness with modal blends and I’m with Robin and like to leave my knit edges raw with tricky knit fabrics.

  9. girllikethesea says:

    I actually like the wide neckline. That plus a tank underneath is really cute. Your boobs look glorious!

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