the return of vintage may!

happy May Day!  Jess and i decided today would be the perfect day to announce the return of our series, Vintage May!

vintage may 2014

this is year three for Vintage May!  wow, that flew.  year one we focused on kid clothes – you can see my roundup here.  last year we celebrated both adult and kid clothes – you can see my round up here!  we both really love putting on this series together and celebrating vintage/retro style with you – sew from vintage patterns, fabrics, inspired by the fashion of days gone by – it’s all fair game.

picking flowers in her doily skirt

the series will run from May 12 – 23 and Jess and i are pulling together a fun giveaway at the end, too – be sure to follow me (bloglovin, feedly, Facebook, etc.) so you don’t miss a thing!

flap pocket skirt for vintage may

we’ve lined up an all new fabulous group of guests this year…here they are (in no particular order)!

TrueBias  ::  One Girl Circus  ::  Cut Cut Sew  ::  Petit á Petit and Family  ::  Sewing Like Mad  ::  JoJo & Eloise  ::  Groovybaby…and Mama  ::  Leximade  ::  Buzzmills  ::  Welcome to the Mouse House  ::  Oliver’s Fancy  ::  Sew Pony  ::  Stitched Together  ::  Emmyloubeedoo  ::  Girl Like the Sea  ::  Sanae Ishida

also, the reason we’re announcing this a bit early is we’d love to have you join us!  it’s always so fun seeing people sew along, and we like to round up your projects too!  please add your project photos to the vintage may flickr group.  and if you’d like a sneak peek of what’s inspiring our guests, check out our collective pinterest board.

here’s a sneak peek of what i’ve been working on…

vintage may peek

and be sure to head over to craftiness is not optional for a peek from Jess, too!

we’re so excited!

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