kcw spring 2014 :: postman shorts

i’m just gonna start off with the silly photo.

postman shorts

this guy’s a pro.  in about 30 seconds he goofballs his way through a photoshoot and then he’s on with his day.  such a crackup.

postman shorts

anyway what am i talking about?  shorts.  he doesn’t want to wear anything but shorts.  this started in february or so, the daily fight to get him to wear pants.  at least now temperatures are high enough that shorts are acceptable and i don’t look like a terrible mother for occasionally giving in when it was only 45 degrees outside and raining (he’d gladly wear a giant winter coat and thick socks as long as he could wear his beloved shorts and he’d NEVER say he was cold…kids are so weird).

postman shorts

the pattern is Dana’s kid shorts, a great pattern with lots of sizes and options for girls and boys.  it’s only $8 but super versatile, sews up fast, fits great, and i love it.  he’d long grown out of the ones i made him last year, so i upsized to a 3T and these are too big.  oh well.  pretty sure he’s in the middle of a growth spurt so i’m sure they’ll fit fine by the summer.

postman shorts

the fabric is upcycled, once again, this time from a pair of my old gaucho pants.  remember those?  it was a super unflattering style on me and i didn’t wear them much, but it gave me tons of soft corduroy fabric to work with here!

postman shorts

i wanted to add a little extra detail, and he STILL loves to wear his mini kingsley zissou outfit, so i added some bias tape from my grandma’s stash centered on the side seams to try for a similar look.  when i was done i realized they reminded me of US Postal Service uniform shorts.  but they’re still cute on him, i think?

postman shorts

didn’t add anything else…just basic, comfy shorts for him to grab and put on in the morning.  he usually comes out of his bedroom fully dressed these days, such a funny kid!

by the way, do you remember which outfit his shirt came from?  the answer!

you can check out all of my KCW projects here.  i’ve got some girl sewing up next!

kid's clothes week

17 thoughts on “kcw spring 2014 :: postman shorts

    • kristin says:

      you should! now that i have two boys i’m even more excited about it since the stuff will actually get passed down, but boy sewing is a super fun challenge! DO IT.

  1. rachel says:

    My friend’s son was totally into wearing shorts every day for about two years….babylegs and any kind of legwarmers she could get her hands on were her friend!
    Love the shorts, look super comfie!

    • rachel says:

      Oh Kristin, I forgot about something I had wanted to tell you, since you mentioned it. When reading up on homeschooling philosophies recently, I learned through one that kids do not have a well-established internal thermostat until around age 10, which is why they have such a hard time sensing when they are too cold. I could never understand why my kids would not want to wear jackets – or would go swimming in 70 degree water until their lips were blue. Most adults will never swim in temperatures kids are eager to dive into. This particular philosophy (Waldorf) recommended insisting upon wear hats and things, which I found interesting since around the world, so many cultures do the same. In Ethiopia, the babies and children were over-bundled, in my opinion. I was always of the “natural consequences” philosophy, except they never cared! But I just found that all so interesting.

      • kristin says:

        oh that’s super interesting, thanks. good to know. i had a friend suggest babylegs legwarmers to cover his legs, should’ve tried that! but yeah you should’ve seen him, it was funny. he had a knitted hat and puffy coat, thick socks, annnnd….shorts. like Texas, it usually doesn’t get THAT cold here and i didn’t let him do that very often, but still. he was a sight.

  2. Jeifner says:

    I think we should pretty much all do photo shoots like this. Minus the belly, probably. They look great. I don’t get USPS from these, maybe because of the yellow? Or because they aren’t mat finished polyester? 🙂

      • Claire says:

        Ooo, hope you realised I meant O’s shorts are far too stylish for the UK postie, not the other way round! Our postie, and I believe UK posties in general are certainly not stylish…

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