kcw spring 2014 :: baseball raglan

i think we can all pretty much agree that the best part of sewing for our kids is indulging their idiosyncrasies and obsessions, right?  for instance, if your kid insists on dressing like a “sports boy” most days but thankfully doesn’t know about brands yet, you can go ahead and make him a shirt with a baseball on it and he will be one happy camper.

baseball raglan

i upcycled my old tank top plus a maternity shirt whose blues complemented each other nicely.  since this KCW has a “mini me” theme, i’ve decided to use fabric from my upcycle stash as much as possible this week.

baseball raglan

the pattern is the Oliver + S field trip raglan tee (available with cargo pants or standalone) sewn in a 2T…but i used existing hems and still cut the shirt body to the cutline (even though i didn’t have to hem it) to gain a bit of length and make it fit more like a 3T.  i also cut the sleeves to be short sleeves (the pattern comes with long sleeves) and preserved the existing hems there too.

i only had the baby’s naptime to sew and he’s an unpredictable napper, so even though i should’ve made the 3T outright, i sewed what was already traced out on my table.

baseball raglan

aren’t those blues nice?   i love that raglan tees make color blocking so fun and easy.

baseball raglan

on the front, i freezer paper stenciled a baseball.  O is quite the little t-ball player (in our backyard) and i knew he’d like it.  i just sketched it super quickly onto freezer paper (after my basketball and soccer ball attempts didn’t work), drew over it with a sharpie to thicken the lines a bit, then quickly cut it out with x-acto knife.  i wanted it to look a bit messy/sketchy like i’ve been seeing around the Pinterests lately.

baseball raglan

i showed it to him and he said “oooh can i put it on right now?!”


baseball raglan

now maybe i can clear a couple 18-24 month shirts that he still squeezes himself into out of his drawer?

baseball raglan

the littlest fella actually napped long enough for me to start some shorts for O, too.  i went into this KCW cold (nothing cut out or prepped and only vague ideas of what i want to make) so i’m just taking it as i can.  if the baby sleeps in his bed for any stretch of time, i’ll sew like the dickens!!!!!

kid's clothes week


10 thoughts on “kcw spring 2014 :: baseball raglan

  1. Monica says:

    This is perfect! I love the sketchy look, I almost wondered if you had sketched it right onto the shirt. Love seeing little boy stuff…

  2. Inder says:

    I love this! Joe asked me for a “baseball shirt” recently and I couldn’t decide whether to make him a basic baseball raglan (no design on front) cut down an A’s shirt of his dad’s … or … maybe do something like this? So many options! I love this simple easy pattern, I need to make a ton more.

    I wish I was doing KCW this week. Instead, I’m prepping for my second night meeting (had planning commission last night, city council tonight) of this week, and this one is going to be long and brutal. CRY.

  3. girllikethesea says:

    So cute! I like that it’s just a baseball shirt. Not branded. You’re cool, O! With your unbranded indie baseball tee!

  4. Cherie says:

    All the clothes you’ve been making look so comfy! And these blues DO look perfect together. And I’d totally love to see your basketball and soccer ball attempts. Haha!!

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