thermos toss changing pad cover

hello!  still enjoying settling in with baby but i felt like blogging, so here i am with the changing pad cover i made just a couple days before C was born.  i had a major nesting/sewing frenzy there at the end!

this was on my to do list for months, and finishing it was probably one of those “final straw” things that let me go into labor.  that’s what i’m telling myself anyway.

thermos toss changing cover

as i mentioned before, the “theme” of the boys’ shared room is Camp Ivanhoe, the Khaki Scouts’ base in the movie Moonrise Kingdom (affiliate link).  my Pinterest board is here.  i actually got the Camp Ivanhoe idea BECAUSE of this fabric!  it was sent by the lovely folks at Dear Stella, who offered me some fabric at the end of last year.  Em’s Christmas dress and Laura’s tote bag were both made in gold confetti sparkle, but this was my fun bonus choice – Thermos Toss flannel from their Take a Hike line (you can buy it online here).

thermos toss changing cover

i love these retro thermoses – i remember my dad taking a thermos to work in the wintertime, and the quirky plaid nostalgia grabbed me.  it seems that the Khaki Scouts would probably carry these around in the colder months too.  and the flannel is so cozy and soft for baby!

thermos toss changing cover

i figured out a pattern to cover our contoured changing pad myself after searching unsuccessfully online for exactly what i wanted.  i made two end pieces that are elongated, shallow U’s, then i wrapped a long piece around the middle, matching up the centers and then turning sharply at the corners and sewing down the edges.  i folded the bottom edge under and added 1/4” elastic and it fit really nicely.  after stressing about how i was going to figure it out, it ended up working just fine.  phew!

want to see a bit more of the room so far?

thermos toss changing cover

here’s a little peek – the brass bugle was a $3 thrift store find, and i made the troop 55 flag out of felt.  my sister in law made the “Be Brave” pennant (inspired by one in this shop, different phrase sold here) as a Christmas present and i love it!

the garland was made by Cherie and the phrase in the middle says “here to make friends,” the opposite of the ubiquitous reality show mantra.  i might change that out for a moonrise kingdom quote eventually and once he’s more mobile (and sleeping in the crib) i’ll rearrange the garland for safety.  Cherie also made an perfectly campy divided basket for the room!

thermos toss changing cover

the National Parks poster is from Schoolhouse Electric as well, an awesome Christmas gift from my inlaws.  it goes really nicely with the divided basket that Gail made (currently in our room for middle-of-the-night-and-every-day diaper changes) and the quilt Jess made!  having generous and talented crafty friends is truly the best.

i want to hang some rustic-ish shelves, style a few more things, get more art on the walls, and then i’ll do a full room tour and show O’s bed too.  the room is one of my favorites in the house already, though!  kind of cool to have a design that looks better the more handmade/thrifted items that are in it.

29 thoughts on “thermos toss changing pad cover

  1. franzif says:

    Hope you’re doing fine. Thank you for showing what you made. Over here it’s quite common to get a separate changing unit and changing having your baby in front of you, not from the side. But I like the idea of using what’s already there and not buying too much new stuff. Well done.

    • kristin says:

      our house is pretty small, so i like the dresser doing double duty as a changing table – and when they’re out of diapers, the pad comes off and it’s just a dresser!

  2. Lightning McStitch says:

    Wow. I had no idea people had Pinterest boards for baby room inspiration. (looks shamefully towards the kids ad hoc rooms).
    All very cute and I do hope he grows up to be the “outdoors type”

  3. Kelly says:

    Wow, what a cool room for your little guys!! I am in awe of your interior design skillz, for real. Everything you’ve used fits so well together and I love that you have so many things added by your crafty friends! We moved in 6 months ago and my sewing area is the only place that has anything up on the walls. I suck at decorating! Must start cruising Pinterest for ideas I guess 🙂

    • kristin says:

      aw thanks kelly! yep, pinterest is good. maybe you should just get pregnant – most of our house projects tend to happen when i’m in my second and third trimesters, then NOTHING in between. ha!

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