baby is here!

little C decided to join our family last week!

new baby

official stats are 7lb 8oz, 20in long, born at 38 weeks exactly.  he waited until the snow and ice had cleared a bit before coming, good boy!  he arrived a week earlier than his siblings did, so this last week has felt a bit like a dream to me.

new baby

lots of people told me third babies can be unpredictable, and his labor turned out to be a bit of that.  it started slowly but ended with a super quick transition and delivery – the whole labor was about 14 hours but the part that felt like strong labor was only the last hour or two, and boy was that intense!  i’m happy to have given birth naturally again, and i’m so very grateful he played along.

new baby

Em is looooving being a little mama to him.  she couldn’t be happier to have a baby in the house and wants to help all the time.  it’s so fun.

new baby

O loves him too but, you know, 3 year olds are more concerned with whether mom and dad are still there for THEM, which we’re sensitive to.  all in all, though, the transition to three has been pretty smooth so far!  my husband has been home which is great, and we sure do love snuggling and relaxing with this little guy.  he’s pretty sweet.


posting around here will be sporadic for a while, needless to say – it took me a few hours just to write this and i ended up writing most of it with a baby sleeping on my arm.  i did a TON of nesting sewing before he was born though, so that will filter through here and there.

also, thank you all soooo much for the sweet comments on my polka dot sherpa coat – they were so nice to read and i appreciated them all, just haven’t gotten a chance to reply!  ahhhhhh babies.

back to snuggling!!

60 thoughts on “baby is here!

  1. Annika says:

    Oh what a sweetie! I may have a tear or two in my eyes now. My “baby’s” first birthday was 3 weeks ago so he isn’t a baby anymore… there’s nothing like holding a new born in your arms. however, i’m not complaining: having a 1 yr old saying mama for the first time or his 4yr old sister telling you that she loves you is different but just as special…
    wishing you all the best!

  2. Kelly says:

    He’s perfect!! Such a little cutie and glad he waited til the worst of the storm was over…I was thinking about you when it was so icy! Sounds like things are going well, baby snuggles are the best. Congrats to you all!

  3. rachel says:

    Oh Kristin, these photos are all so sweet and awesome! I love them all so much. And the striped pants you made could not be any cuter! They fit him perfectly. And look at that little foot in that photo of him in his knit pants! the cuteness is unbearable. newborns are soo precious!

  4. Nancy says:

    Congratulations to you and your family, C is adorable! The knit pants you made for him look so comfy, lucky bub, already wrapped in Mumma-made clothes 🙂

  5. franzif says:

    I often thought these days whether it has already happened and if you are fine and everything went well. I’m glad everything’s fine. Enjoy this time of your son being so small. It passes so quickly. I think I haven’t enjoyed my son being so small enough because his sister was already there. I enjoy as much as I can NOW though. Have a nice time!

  6. Brienne Moody says:

    Way to go, mama! Enjoy your winter snuggling with that sweet babe. We’ll entertain ourselves just fine here, looking through the archives. There’s plenty to keep us occupied here in your clever space!

  7. Inder says:

    Oh my gosh! I am SO BEHIND in my blog reading! He’s absolutely beautiful. I bet that little head smells AMAZING. His siblings look delighted with him as well. Congratulations, mama.

  8. Josephine says:

    Congratulations on the new baby!! As an expectant mother myself, I would LOVE to get the tutorial for the cute little leggings. I’m having trouble finding one that is for newborns. I know you must be busy, but just letting you know that it would be much much much appreciated! Thanks!! ps. love the blog!

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