striped knit baby pants

DAY 3 – 4 of baby prep week: blog, run important errands like picking up my contacts prescription and making a Target run for things to put in the hospital bag, sleep, have lots of braxton hicks contractions and watch my belly drop even further, throw some stuff into hospital bag, go on 10th wedding anniversary dinner date with husband.  🙂

DAY 5  of baby prep week: sew some baby pants!!!!!

comfy stripe baby pants

teehee!  aren’t these kid of silly but also adorable?  i think they are.  i’ve actually had this idea to make some super simple and comfy skinny-legged knit newborn pants for a long time now based on my favorite ones that i used all the time with the first two kids.  the annoying thing about shopping at actual stores is they’ll have something great one season, never to be seen again – so i had some favorite 0-3 month baby pants from when Em was born that i’ve been hanging onto but have seen better days.

i just went ahead and used them as a template to make these out of scraps from my maternity pencil skirt (it’s a ponte knit), eliminating the center seam to try a sort of drop crotch look (heavily influenced by Tara) and big cuffs.  ain’t nobody got time for hemming teeny tiny baby pant legs.

comfy stripe baby pants

they were super quick and fun to make, took very little fabric, and i have no idea if they’ll fit.  if they do, i’ll probably make a bunch more and release this as a free pattern and tutorial for your baby sewing pleasure.  they’re so fast and i THINK they’ll be so cute, but perhaps they’ll be ridiculous in a clownishly bad way, in which case i’ll do some tweaking.  i’ll let you know.

comfy stripe baby pants

it’s a bummer that i don’t have a little baby to try them on NOW because i kinda want to whip up about 5 pairs of these out of old t-shirts and knit scraps immediately.  i’m gonna take them to the hospital…with a backup outfit in case they’re just wrong.  haha.

but yeah, a baby pants design that’s been floating around in my head is finally an actual real-life garment, so that’s another item off my random pregnancy brain “to do” list (current remaining items include having a new kitchen sink installed and sewing a changing pad cover out of this fabric to go in the boy’s room).

hey look i match the button!

kid's clothes week

25 thoughts on “striped knit baby pants

  1. Kelly says:

    Awwww, witty bitty baby pants!! So cute!! I bet they’ll work, they look like the right shape- big bum, little legs…so excited for you that he’ll be here soon!

  2. Carla says:

    I feel ridiculously lucky to be expecting a baby boy just a little while after you, I plan to hold off on baby pants until your little model can give that adorable pair a try!

  3. Abby says:

    Those are the cutest pants ever, Kristin! They will definitely be adorable on him. I can’t believe you’re so close now! Makes me feel like maybe I should be doing something to prepare for my baby too, yikes!

    • kristin says:

      aw thanks Abby! yeah i sort of didn’t realize how close i was until just a couple weeks ago and now it’s been a full on baby readiness blitz. kinda sneaks up on you at the end there!

  4. Melissa says:

    Bonnie of fishsticksdesigns has a similar pant pattern (legs are a bit wider) in her little one layette pattern and they are coo-coo cute on my little guy who is 2 months old now and they are perfect for his cloth diaper bum 🙂 so i bet they’ll be crazy cute on your soon to be!

  5. rachel says:

    well, you had me at the stripes. sooo cute! i love his going home outfit. and you’re right, it is so hard to size things correctly when they are living in yo belly. almost all of the baby things i made for iris were fails when i tried them on. booo!

  6. Cherie says:

    Yay baby pants!! Love this style and the fabric is perfect. And now you can be twinsies with baby boy if you wear your maxi 🙂 Can’t wait to see the lil bum in these pants!

  7. girllikethesea says:

    So freaking cute!!! I think hawthorne’s diaper butt filled so much space in his dropped crotch pants that they don’t even look dropped. Lol. On violet you can definitely tell. I was definitely skeptical about how those clown pants were going to look on both kids though. Ha! Love that little outfit together. So cute.

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