film petit: zoolander

and now, two really, really, really ridiculously good looking mini models duke it out on the catwalk as film petit returns with….ZOOLANDER!

film petit: zoolander

OH YES.  today we celebrate 2001’s Zoolander, directed by and starring Ben Stiller in the title role, in all its silliness.  the plot is something about a very very dumb male model (Derek Zoolander) being brainwashed to kill the Prime Minister of Malaysia to prevent him from enacting stricter child labor laws and destroying the fashion industry or something…(?).  it’s totally random, it has crazy outfits, it reminds me of college for some reason…it’s just fun.

film petit: zoolander

the story also centers around a bitter rivalry between Derek Zoolander, the world’s reigning top male model, and laid back newcomer Hansel, who’s “so hot right now” and played by Owen Wilson.  at one point tensions between the two reach a boiling point, and Derek challenges Hansel to a “walk-off.”

walk off challenge.jpg

they take turns strutting down the runway, with David Bowie as judge and referee, and Michael Jackson’s “Beat It” as soundtrack.  each model walks, copies what the other did, and embellishes.

it starts like this, as the old pro limbers up.

film petit: zoolander

and turns into this…

film petit: zoolander

so naturally, here are my 5 year old and 2 year olds’ takes on the walk-off…

film petit: zoolander

never in a million years would i have expected to walk into JoAnn’s and walk out with not one but TWO different colors of snakeskin fabric PLUS sparkly leopard print sweater knit and to put it all together with some purple floral on my son, but for film petit, i did just that.

film petit: zoolander

mini-Zoolander wears a 4T Flashback Skinny Tee on top, with snakeskin ultra suede Hosh Pants on the bottom.  the pants are a 4T originally but I skinnified them when i thought maybe my son would be Zoolander instead…but then he got attached to the other outfit and she liked this one, so this is how it went.

film petit: zoolander

her boots are borrowed from the Gap, where these photos were taken (they were super nice and helpful after we got shut down by a “no photos allowed policy” at another store – thank you Gap!).

film petit: zoolander

mini-Hansel is wearing an Ayashe Blouse i originally made for his sister, with a pair of 3T Hosh Pants in a silver snakeskin pleather of some sort.  i painted some silver fabric paint onto the toes her old TOMS to tie the look together.

film petit: zoolander

oh i definitely let them watch the walk-off scene to see why they were wearing these crazy outfits.  they liked it so much they proceeded to play “animal walk off” in our hallway at home.  the fabric at his knees didn’t really hold up to those shenanigans, but mini-Hansel had a grand old time.


film petit: zoolander

leading up to the grand finale…these two may be exhausted, but they clearly model H2T.

film petit: zoolander

film petit: zoolander

(okay the ACTUAL grand finale has to do with magically pulling underwear off while still wearing pants…you’ll need to watch the movie to see who wins THAT feat of strength and the walk-off in general…!)

film petit: zoolander

alright now, who do we have joining us today…?

our guest, the fabulous Rae of Made by Rae, made her son the most hilariously Liberace-esque VH1 Award Hansel outfit you’ve ever seen in your life.  something something fur trim and gold lamé, plus a mini Hansel doppelganger – GO CHECK IT OUT.  thanks so much for joining us, Rae!!

and my film petit partner, Jess of A Little Gray, recreated the funeral scene in spectacular fashion.  she was sewing with velour and rope – we’re all about the crazy fabrics this go-around.  perhaps is there a David Duchovny lurking in the background? THE TRUTH IS HERE.

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here are the guidelines for film petit:

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38 thoughts on “film petit: zoolander

  1. Mel says:

    hahaha!! my husband insists we watch this movie every time it comes on TV and he giggles all the way through it. He’s been asking me when I’m going to sew him something. Maybe he’ll get some zoolander-inspired snakeskin pants for Christmas

  2. Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh you guys always make me laugh so much with this series, love it so much!! They look awesome and they are so into their characters, I love it!! I just saw Rae’s, holy crap that’s some funny stuff…I am off to check out Jess 🙂

  3. deborah k. says:

    I didn’t think it was possible to top other segments of this series, but this is totally the funniest, best ever! I can’t take anymore, you have to stop! stop now! no don’t stop keep going please, I am cracking up!

  4. Sabra says:

    your kids ROCKED it!!!! The clothes are fantastic, but that posing!!!! I keep scrolling back up to see it again. And yay for GAP for being cool about doing pics there.

  5. Sarah Watson says:

    You guys are so amazing. Bahaha, you seriously get me every time. Your children are so amazingly lucky to have the best Mom ever, with amazing sewing skills. Those outfits are incredible. You’re raising two wonderfully creative kids.

  6. Rae says:

    Heeee, this just cracks me up!!! Those silver pants…I wants them. And I love a good walk-off, I can’t believe how well your kids got into character!!! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!!! 🙂

  7. kim says:

    well, this really might be your best photo shoot ever. I just keep thinking that I wish I’d been a gap employee that day! (words I never thought I’d say!! 🙂 ) What are Em and O going to think about all these photos some day, I wonder? Can you imagine if our family photo albums included gems like these?? hehe 😉 p.s. welcome back, film petit!

  8. Lightning McStitch says:

    Brilliant, hilarious, perfect!
    I never thought I’d say I like an animal print outfit but gee Em looks awesome in that get up. And that Ayashe on O, that is so metrosexual and male model and gorgeous and just perfect for him!

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