the return of film petit…

i know it’s been a while – somehow “month break” turned into “summer break” turned into “omigosh it’s been waaaay too long we have to just get back on the horse already!”

so we’re back on the horse.  film petit, the silly little blog series invented by Jess from A Little Gray and i in which we sew quirky movie outfits for our kids, shall return BEFORE THIS WEEK’S END (that means tomorrow or friday…you’ll just have to stay tuned and see when it pops up!).

film petit

in the meantime, you can…

  • catch up on my film petit posts HERE
  • catch up on Jess’ film petit posts HERE
  • read our intros to film petit (i.e. why we do this crazy thing) HERE and HERE
  • check out some amazingness in the film petit flickr group (and add your own!) HERE

as you probably know, we usually invite a guest to join us for film petit – THIS AWESOME BLOGGER is our guest this round!

and she NAILED IT.

see you soon!

9 thoughts on “the return of film petit…

  1. Brooke says:

    I cannot wait to see what y’all come up with this time! Film petit is always awesome and with Rae joining the group it’s bound to be amazing. This is probably one of my favorite blogger series. 😊

  2. Caila says:

    Yes!! It’s back! I’ve been so excited to see what you girls would come up with next and you did not disappoint! Am I weird for actually liking both these outfits? Like, for real? I can’t get over those gold leopard pants!

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