a fun announcement : new contributor gig

i think most everyone probably had that teacher in high school / college whose teaching style really spoke to the way they learn.  that teacher presented information in a way no one else could, and it just sunk in.  for me there was a history/geography teacher in high school that taught us raunchy pneumonic devices (She Makes Him Eat Ovaries : Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, Ontario :: The Great Lakes).  it worked.

for sewing, it’s really no secret that my favorite teacher has always been Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S.  i stumbled across the free lazy days skirt not long after my husband gave me a sewing machine for mother’s day in 2009.  her free popover sundress was my first pattern with pieces.  the way she explains sewing is perfect for the way i learn, and i love her designs too.

i’ve now sewn 27 separate Oliver + S patterns (including those from Little Things to Sew), many multiple times.


i have learned so many techniques from Oliver + S patterns, and i believe i learn how to sew things the “right” way with every new pattern i sew.

this isn’t news – i professed my love for their patterns here, and in pretty much every Oliver + S pattern i’ve posted about since.  i met Liesl at Quilt Market this spring, and after that, i’ve have been in regular touch with her, helping with new pattern launches in any small way that i can.  it all comes easily though – i love to sew with Oliver + S patterns, and i love talking about my love for them!

film petits

Liesl was one of the first modern indie kids clothes patternmakers and remains the gold standard – i think many kid’s pattern designers and sewing bloggers owe a lot to Liesl, ya know?  she really knows her stuff, she’s a creative person, she builds community, and i think she helped usher modern sewing for kids into popularity.  i know i wouldn’t be blogging today without the support i received from the flickr group.

if you sew an Oliver + S pattern, you can make a boutique-quality garment.  and that’s my goal – not to make homemade clothes, but handmade clothes.

feathers library dress

so when Liesl asked me to become a contributor to the Oliver + S blog, of course i jumped at the chance.  i’ll be working behind the scenes coordinating guest posts and brainstorming new ways for people to join in the sewing fun with Oliver + S patterns, and occasionally writing posts of my own too.

Liesl’s sweet intro for me went up yesterday, and my first post, up today, is a photo walkthrough (with bonus tips!) for the welt pocket method that’s included in the Art Museum Vest + Trousers pattern.  i first posted my Art Museum outfit here, and hope the photo tutorial helps take any remaining intimidation factor away.

>>  >  come check it out!  <  <<

as for why Liesl chose me for this gig? that remains a mystery.

18 thoughts on “a fun announcement : new contributor gig

  1. beth lehman says:

    what a great gig!!! so excited for you. i’ve only used a few o+s patterns, but have to say they are so meticulous and professional, and yet easy for the beginner… congratulations!

  2. Nancy says:

    Interesting way to remember the Great Lakes, ha! We were taught that the first letter of each lake together spells put ‘HOMES’ 😉 Congratulations on being a contributor for Oliver + S!!

  3. deborah k. says:

    congratulations on your new gig – i love her and i love you, so sounds like a great pairing. I grew up in michigan and we learned the lakes by using HOMES — the ovaries trick is way sexier!

  4. Kelly says:

    This is so cool, congrats Kristin!! She chose you because you are super talented and everything you make is awesome, obviously 😉 Seeing your handmades in action is inspiring me to make more everyday clothes for my kiddos, and not just special occasion dresses. I guess I’ll have to start adding Oliver + S patterns to my stash!

  5. ahappystitch says:

    Huge Congratulations!! This is such a natural fit for you. Liesl is exacting and demanding (in a good way). She is always pushing the people following her pattern to make a high quality item. You have the same drive for something to be beautifully done! Can’t wait to see what comes of this great collaboration!

  6. Adrianna says:

    Oh, that is no mystery at all! I can’t think O+S without thinking of you! I think Liesl is really lucky to have YOU 🙂 your first tute is amazing, love the nice crisp pictures, well done!

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