kcw fall 2013: day 7:: parsley green parsley pants


once those costumes were finished i just felt like i wanted to sew something for everyday.  and since my little guy needs pants and i knew i could sew some up pretty quickly, i did just that.

meet straight-up-from-his-nap mr. mcgrouchypants and his parsley green parsley pants.

parsley green parsley pants

as the post title suggests, i used the parsley pants pattern by Rae in a 2T.  love this pattern – i helped test it in April, and back when i did that, they were pretty huge on him.  for some reason i thought they might still be big, but now the fit is PERFECT.  huh.  i guess kids must grow or something.

parsley green parsley pants

i chose the pintuck option for the first time and love how it takes the pants up a notch and makes them look a bit retro too.  also went for the front patch pockets, they’re fun.

parsley green parsley pants

the fabric is a soft medium weight green twill from Hancock Fabrics that i got when i visited Jess.  twill is one of my favorite fabrics to sew little guy pants with – sturdy but still soft.

parsley green parsley pants

i was super inspired by Laura’s green banyan pants and also stumbled on Sabra’s green jeans post from last fall, and styled my guy to match those two dapper little fellas.  gray cardigan and a white shirt with green pants, check!

parsley green parsley pants

now i REALLY feel like i participated in KCW – i usually sew basics that end up getting worn a lot and this project fulfills that.

although, based on his reaction to his spiderman costume and utter refusal to take it off whenever he tries it on, i might have just made a “basic” there too, eh?

thanks for following along!

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10 thoughts on “kcw fall 2013: day 7:: parsley green parsley pants

  1. girllikethesea says:

    please don’t show that boy sucking his thumb to me. It’s going to get me pregnant again > : (
    love the green, and the whole outfit too. such a little man

  2. Jessica says:

    Super cute! I made the irresistible green cords/ gray striped cardigan in the spring and now it’s all too small. Wah. I might need to try this pattern just for those pin tucks.

  3. rachel says:

    oh kristin, i really love this so much. in my experience, choosing bright colors is great for kids because they hide stains well. i really do love an understated look, but my kids always stain light fabrics and i don’t want them (or me) 🙂 to have to worry about it. and someday your new little guy will be able to wear these too!

  4. gail says:

    love these, especially those pintucks and that great color! i kinda can’t wait til oscar fits this pattern. the pintucks are definitely in his future! 🙂

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