kcw fall 2013: day 3&4:: spiderman start

got some photos early this morning of O in his work-in-progress spiderman costume…

spiderman in progress

so early i was surprised my camera focused at all!

spiderman in progress

this is how i typically work, when i’m doing sort of “off pattern” sewing for my kids: i sew late at night, but leave key parts unfinished.  i try the clothes on them the next day to assess fit and note the adjustments i need to make.  for this suit, the hood is not yet attached (i’m using the bimaa pattern, hacked quite a bit), and the leggings (go to leggings pattern) are a bit too long.

i’ll shorten the blue parts of the leggings and sleeves, sew and attach the hood, and i think it’ll fit great!

spiderman in progress

i color blocked the shoulders (somehow giving myself a difficult V seam to sew), and sides, piecing in the blue knit and ending up pretty pleased with the result.  the blue fabric is heavier than the red, which actually turned out okay!  the spider is a hand-drawn freezer paper stencil, and the webbing is also hand-drawn with a ruler and fabric marker.  i googled spiderman tons of times as i figured out how to put it all together.

it was pretty labor intensive, actually.  i still haven’t “webbed” the hood yet.

spiderman in progress

but you guys.  he LOVES this costume.  i was worried because the spider actually scared him when i first showed it to him, but when he tried this outfit on he WOULD NOT TAKE IT OFF.  i tried reason, i tried bribes, i tried everything i could.  but without the hood attached, the neckline was stretching out the longer he had it on, so finally i just had to take it off of him.  poor guy.  he really wanted to be spiderman all day.

spiderman in progress

it’s fun that he’s old enough to get excited about his costume this year.  he’s SO pumped for me to finish it up so he can wear it nonstop…too bad Halloween is still a week away!  :/

tomorrow i want to wrap this one up and see how far i can get on a tutu for Em’s costume.  wish me luck!

kid's clothes week

11 thoughts on “kcw fall 2013: day 3&4:: spiderman start

  1. girllikethesea says:

    I love the mods you did to the bimaa! It looks super legit. so you gonna give him a can of silly string to web the crap out of everyone with? heh…….

  2. Jane says:

    seriously totally awesome! that webbing is fantastic!! i found myself googling batgirl over and over again too! I was trying to find an image of her while at jo-ann to figure out exactly what fabric colors to get and i couldn’t get service, it was killing me!

  3. Cherie says:

    This is phenomenal!! Best thing about it is that he’ll be able to wear it over and over again after Halloween! Nice work! Still wanted to see how you were gonna pull off rocket ship though 😛

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