herringbone art museum vest and trousers

i’m back with the other pattern i sewed from the new Oliver + S fall line – the Art Museum Vest + Trousers!  this pattern is the “boy” offering for the season and though i did sew it for my little guy, it could definitely work for a little gal too (as Cherie and Rachel clearly show!).  i chose to go pretty traditional/formal with my fabric choices, which could be boring, but look how dapper he is!

herringbone art museum vest and trousers // skirt as top

like he’s ready to go to a wedding or something!

herringbone art museum vest and trousers // skirt as top

the pattern consists of a fully lined vest with front darts, welt pockets, and a back belt, as well as flat front, slimmer leg trousers with lots of professional options – slant front pockets, separate waistband, belt loops, and back welt pockets!

herringbone art museum vest and trousers // skirt as top

i believe this is the first Oliver + S pattern to include welt pockets.  it’s funny because since i basically learned to sew from Oliver + S patterns, and i rely on Liesl’s patterns to teach me new techniques which I then apply to my sewing elsewhere.  this time, i had already sewn welt pockets from a few other patternmakers and had a handle on how they worked, so i was very curious to see how they were tackled here, especially with the darts underneath.

herringbone art museum vest and trousers // skirt as top

gotta say – i LOVE Liesl’s method!  it was different than how I’d sewn them before, and a few more steps, but MAN they result in a perfect finish.  everything is so clean, the contrast pocket bag is such a fun touch, and i like that i don’t have to topstitch around the outside to make it all stay in place – the origami you do makes them stay that way!!  seriously, i sewed the vest welt pockets around midnight during a marathon sewing sesh and they STILL look perfect, and i give the pattern full credit for that.


while i had no trouble, discussions with others made me think there should be some sort of companion photo walkthrough of this welt pocket process, just because of the limitations of the diagrams in the pattern and the different technique.  maybe it’ll end up on the Oliver + S blog someday…i think if people get stuck that might be helpful.  just read the directions completely, though, and you should be fine.  full disclosure there.

herringbone art museum vest and trousers

i should also mention that i sewed this vest and pants in one long nighttime sew.  i had the pants pieces cut out but nothing else done, and sewed it all in about 6 hours, ending at 1:30am.  i don’t recommend that – but we were out of town the last two weekends and last week was short and crazy with back to school, so all of this week’s sewing and blogging has been a little bit compressed!

herringbone art museum vest and trousers // skirt as top

okay back to the Art Museum.  i sewed 18-24 month size in both pieces for 2.5 year old O based on his measurements.  Gail finished her pants sooner and told me they ran a bit long, so I felt okay going with the smaller size instead of the 2T like I’d originally planned.  my pants are about an inch too long, but are folded under for the photos – I wanted to keep the growing room for this guy but didn’t want saggy ankles on the blog.  trickery.

the fabric is from Bolt again, and the bolt said it was “Marc Jacobs Pale Herringbone,” which i couldn’t find online (…if you call Bolt i’m sure they’d sell you some!).  it’s a bottom weight cotton twill.  i was looking for herringbone and i think my most successful boy clothes are made with heavier fabrics, so this was perfect (plus it’s washable).  it has a little stretch in it but not too much.  it’s awesome stuff.


i lined the pockets, waistband, and center of vest lining with some Birch Organic elephants (by Ellie Fam) which i first used here, along with some dark brown quilting cotton for the front vest lining.  i’m kinda ready for fall, can you tell?

herringbone art museum vest and trousers // skirt as top

and this guy’s ready for a monster truck rally.  every pickup is a monster truck.

i agree with Rachel’s assessment that while the Library Dress was the pattern that most caught my eye, and the Playtime is a great basic set, the Art Museum is the best sewing pattern – it teaches you SO many valuable techniques, results in a super professional finish, is unisex, can go formal or informal, and fool someone into thinking it’s storebought.  i look at these garments and i still can’t believe i sewed them!  it’s a sewing class in a pattern.  all Oliver + S patterns are that way though, and that is why i love them.  I’ve never taken a formal sewing class but look what I can make just by following the directions!  i dunno.  it’s pretty cool.

check out Gail’s ADORABLE version of the Art Museum Trousers on her little conductor boy, and check out Cherie’s vest paired with a dress for her little gal!  so ridiculously cute.

thanks  so much for following along!

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i was provided with the digital Art Museum Vest and Trousers pattern by Oliver + S for free in exchange for this review.  my opinions, as always, are my own.

21 thoughts on “herringbone art museum vest and trousers

    • kristin says:

      aw thanks anna! yeah i feel like i’m sewing like crazy this week! oddly, finally getting out of my summer sewing slump with these projects only makes me want to sew MORE!

  1. lucinda says:

    Such a professional looking outfit! And I”m pretty impressed that you were able to sew it all up in one session – that’s amazing! Love the pop of color in the vest lining and pocket:)

  2. Rachel says:

    very nice formal look, now he is all ready for church, Sunday school, a wedding and even to be a ring bearer in a wedding! looks store bought.
    it’s a very good sewing pattern and definitely one to use again and again.

  3. Inder says:

    I have been eyeing this pattern, waiting to see versions pop up on my favorite blogs! I have lots of pants patterns, so I don’t “need” it, but my first thought was, if anyone could teach me to do a welt pocket, it would be o+s! Funny that you were having the same thought (although you already know how to do it). I am intrigued! This outfit is so dressy and cute! Love the lining and details on that vest.

  4. gail says:

    you’re a machine! but we already knew that :). great fabric choice, so classy, and there’s nothing cuter than a tiny little guy all dressed to the nines. he’s adorable!!!

  5. girllikethesea says:

    i love it! The herringbone is amazing too, and I’m so glad you chose it. He looks like such a little man in his outfit. It’s all so crazy professional looking! Can’t wait to get this pattern. You’re amazing for powering this all out at once too.

  6. Cherie says:

    Oh my! He looks soooo classy and uber cute! And your sewing looks impeccable, as always. I really love how professional this outfit comes out too! There’s no way someone would think that this was “homemade,” ya know? Awesome job!

  7. Kelly says:

    This outfit is awesome, it looks so professional! The fabric, the welt pockets, the lining…nice work!! And he looks dapper indeed 🙂 My girls are the same with trucks, when we drive around they are always yelling “monster truuuuuuuckk!!”

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