parsley shorts

i started these little shorts from parsley pants as a gift for a friend’s kid, but it went horribly wrong, so i wrapped them up during a recent afternoon of finishing unfinished things.

parsley shorts

i cut them them before Rae posted her “how to turn parsley pants into shorts” tute, which would’ve been VERY helpful since i “did it wrong” and the shorts ended up uneven and then i had to chop more length off to make them even and then they would’ve been too short to give to the intended recipient…so O got them!

parsley shorts

they’re made from robert kaufman yarn dyed black linen with echino bus pockets (i got it from Bolt long ago, my lovely sponsor Drygoods Design has green bikes and black buses in laminated cotton if you’re looking for similar!).

parsley shorts

i think i cut out a 3T so they’re nice and roomy on O, and i love the linen for summertime.

parsley shorts

plus in true boy fashion, he likes transportation.  his shirt is car-inspired, his shorts have buses on them!

parsley shorts

gratuitious belly shot!

9 thoughts on “parsley shorts

  1. Monica says:

    I love that you had an afternoon of finishing unfinished things. I could use one of those! I had tried to turn dhorts to pants the wrong way too, I’m pretty sure I never would have figured out the right way! I love the bus fabric pockets, very cute, I’m glad he got to keep ’em!

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