star star dress :: cottage mama blog tour

today i’m happy to be joining the Cottage Mama Patterns Blog Tour to help launch Lindsay’s newest line of patterns. i chose to sew the sweet Georgia Vintage Dress.

star star dress

the Georgia Vintage Dress is a classic collared-and-sashed dress available in sizes 6m to 10 years, with loads of options – there’s a flutter sleeve, contrast bib, overskirt, piping, all sorts of ways to customize and play with fabric and make it your own. i made a sleeveless View D – my dress has the bib (I wanted to add piping!) but it’s made out of the main fabric. i wanted to take a very vintage-style dress and make it look sleek and modern.

star star dress

the biggest challenge (fun challenge) that i had, and why i signed up for the tour in the first place, is because Lindsay’s style and mine differ quite a bit, and i wanted to try something new! it’s fun to stretch and grow, and i wanted make a Cottage Mama dress that also looked like my style.  while this dress is “fancier” than most of Em’s everyday dresses, i really love it…and because this girl loooooves fancy, she loves it too!

star star dress

the fabric is Twinkle Twinkle in Teal from Constellations by Lizzy House, probably one of my favorite lines EVER, which, until now, i’ve mostly hoarded. i probably got mine at Bolt, but it might’ve been Fabric Depot. i paired it with a moda bella light robin’s egg blue for the flat piping and kona white for the collar and sash, and added moon buttons…

star star dress

well you can’t really tell, but the buttons have sort of a swirly tan inlay and look like moons. trust me.

star star dress

i made a 3T bodice but cut the skirt between the 4T and 5T length (17.5″) because Em seems to be shooting up in height lately. she actually ate an entire (home-grilled) cheeseburger for dinner last night, which she has never done before in her life, so i think a growth spurt is happening. i also cut the skirt a bit wider, as two panels 40″ wide each, because i wanted it pleeeeenty twirly.

star star dress

it was my first Cottage Mama pattern and it was really good. i learned some new techniques i’ll have to use again (how the bib and sash are constructed, the shape of the collar – it’s cool stuff). one note – i THINK the chest measurement on the size chart might actually be the finished measurement, but Lindsay’s checking into it. the chart would’ve had me sew an 18m/2T bodice but I cut the 3T anyway and it fits great, just the right amount of growing room. didn’t want to make that bodice too small!

star star dress

oh i also left the ends of the sash square, just thought it’d look nice with the collar shape. she’s wearing a pettiskirt (this skirt) underneath this dress, and some “twirling shorts” too.

star star dress

check out the Georgia Vintage Dress and ALL of Lindsay’s patterns in her shop, it’s been a fun blog tour so far! i especially love Caila’s polka dot version of the Miss Matilda Dress and Stef’s kitty cat version of the Daphne Wrap Dress!

star star dress

not sure if she’s doing ballerina hands or praying here…

thanks so much for having me along on the tour, Lindsay!

DISCLOSURE: i was given the Georgia Vintage Dress pattern for free as a part of the blog tour. my opinions are my own!


33 thoughts on “star star dress :: cottage mama blog tour

    • kristin says:

      Thank you Jane! I definitely thought of your star dress as I sewed. I’m not so good with embroidery though..I love that touch you added! 🙂

  1. Andrea says:

    I literally just smiled when I saw your first photo of her in this dress! So, so, so pretty. I just love it! (I always like to play a game with myself when I read your blogs. It’s called, “Where in the World is E. Sandiego?” Most of the time, I think I am guessing right, but this time, I have no idea. Email me, maybe?)

  2. gail says:

    this dress is awesome! i’m loving cottage-mama-meets-skirt-as-top! 🙂 it’s really fun to see em in that shade of blue, too. love it!!

  3. girlinspired1 says:

    I think you pulled it off! The perfect blend of Skirt as Top with Cottage Mama. That fabric is perfect for bringing the dress into modern. It’s really striking – love it!!

  4. Naomi says:

    Absolutely beautiful and I love blue and white together! The mix of modern style with the very vintage-y elements is perfect. Very much a twirling dress! 🙂

  5. sanae says:

    So gorgeous, Kristin! Em’s exuberance is just infectious, too – love her poses! I also adore the vintage vibe of the style and adding extra twirlability definitely makes the dress super special 🙂

  6. Cherie says:

    This dress is so cute! Really love the choices you made – the pattern, the fabric, the piping and the square ended sash. So fun! And as always, I love all the pics with your dancing model! Does she like the dress? Even though it’s blue? Her shoes match so perfectly too!

  7. girllikethesea says:

    This better not float across clover’s eyes or she’ll definitely want one too! So cute! I love how you used the piecing to just add the gorgeous piping, and didnt mix up fabrics too. When you have the option of throwing more stuff in there it’s hard to have reserve.

    I’m totally impressed with her eating a whole burger! Too bad we can’t get clover to do that. Or even come to the dinner table, for that matter.

  8. rachel says:

    very sweet and so euro! i love it! i love those big collars! i made one for Iris and at first i thought it might be too big. but i love it now. we were out to eat this week and she looked so cute with that big collar. i kept taking photos of her with my phone. they’re always low-res and crappy but i simply couldn’t resist. i’ll bet you’ll want to do that same with this dress! 🙂

  9. Kelly says:

    This is just awesome, I love everything about it! I struggle a bit with little girl dresses-I want them to look modern and cool but they seem to end up looking to cutesy for my taste. If I wasn’t on a fabric fast I would be buying some of this twinkle fabric right now!! 🙂

  10. lucinda says:

    what a coincidence! as one of the KCW volunteer editors I was asked to upload all Lindsay’s patterns to the site. although my personal style leans more towards the Japanese aesthetic, I was intrigued by her patterns and could see that a lot of detail was put into their construction. They sound like great patterns, and I’m excited for her that this blog tour is giving her patterns some attention. I love the fabric you chose for your pattern – and the twirly factor is clearly a winner in Em’s book:) I also like the crisp and modern look you gave it – beautiful job!

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