kcw summer 2013 :: ampersandwich tee

kid’s clothes week project two is approximately my 543rd flashback skinny tee.  it’s just kind of the perfect pattern for so many things that i want to make.  little guy grows faster than his sister and is messier too, so today’s necessity project is for him.

ampersandwich tee

this shirt used to be mine.  my husband got it for me a few years ago and it’s really cool, buuuuut….it’s an american apparel shirt, which means it’s TINY.  like uncomfortably small even though the size fits me in every other brand.  so finally, rather than sitting in my drawer unworn, this very soft (feels vintage but it’s not) tee turned into a comfy little shirt for O.

ampersandwich tee

it’s an ampersandwich.  get it?

ampersandwich tee

he calls it a “hangaburger.”

ampersandwich tee

i sewed it in a 3T, a size up from his normal, because i made it short sleeved and wanted it to fit more loosely.  i saved the factory hems on the sleeves (tips on that here) but hemmed the bottom with my twin needle/walking foot.  something skipped while i sewed and it got slightly wonky, but probably not too noticeable.

ampersandwich tee

he likes it.  this boy lurves his ironic tees.


you can find all of my KCW projects here

20 thoughts on “kcw summer 2013 :: ampersandwich tee

  1. Andrea says:

    Hahaha! I thought all you did was add the ampersandwich because hubby-boo-boo bought it so small that it could fit the little guy as is! Now I get it. You did some sewing! Hahaha! So cool. 🙂

  2. kimdmeyers@gmail.com says:

    And I lurve that he lurves his ironic tees! (oh brother, and now Alanis is going to be stuck in my head: “A little *too* ironic… yeah, I really do think.”) Very nice shirt. xoxo. 🙂

  3. shaffersisters says:

    This is so stinking cute. I love how you took something of yours and made it something oh so cute and sweet and ironic for him. I am sure because it was worn that it natches the comfort level every little boy needs.
    With Love,

  4. Caroline says:

    No way! Jet used to call hamburgers “hangaburgers”! I sure wish I had started with my flashback pattern when I tried to make baby shortalls out of a cool tee of my husbands. It’s flashback from now on!

  5. girllikethesea says:

    I love it! American apparel has squeezed me out of several concert tees with their sizing. Can’t bring myself to hack them up though….even for the kids. Lol. Can O and Violet grow up together and be friends with ironic kid tees?

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