kcw summer 2013 :: geofloral shorts

kid’s clothes week is here again!  it’s got an awesome brand new website and blog!  and it’s now seasonal!  my kids tend to wear their KCW (formerly KCWC) creations more than anything else i make them, for some reason, so i’m always excited to jump in…despite the busy summertime.

geofloral shorts

my projects this week will be simple necessities for both kids, using only my stash, trying a couple new patterns and a couple tried and true ones.

geofloral shorts

first up – shorts for Em!  so now that i’ve filled her closet with handmade dresses, she has, of course, decided that she wants to wear separates every day.  mostly skirts and tops (which she refused to wear even a couple months ago), but the other day she actually asked for shorts!  since she hasn’t worn shorts since she was about 2 or 3, she has very few to choose from.  i had her help me pick the fabric and set to it.

geofloral shorts

the pattern is Dana’s KID shorts pattern, in a 3T, girl length and flat front option (i showed Dana’s photos of her daughter Lucy to Em before sewing these – i think that helped convince her that shorts are “beautiful”).  my only alterations were to use 1/2″ elastic in the back and add interfacing to the front waistband to make sure it stayed up.  oh i also topstitched around the top of the waistband – just to keep the elastic in place.

geofloral shorts

the fabric is Denyse Schmidt for JoAnn.  Em helped pick it.

gotta say – i loooove the fit of these shorts!  seriously.  i feel like i always have to change something when i sew for Em – usually i size down and then have to lengthen, or shorten the elastic, or do SOMETHING to compensate for her lankiness.  luckily, Dana’s daughter Lucy looks pretty lanky herself, so i trusted that the fit of these would work on that body type…and they do.  i felt like angels sung when she tried these on – the fit is amazing!!

geofloral shorts

highly recommend Dana’s pattern, five stars!  it’s a really fast sew, too!  i have a boy version on the docket for later this week.

geofloral shorts


*Em’s beautiful top was made by Delia as a part of our blogger kid clothes swap a few months back – she gets loads of compliments on it.  Delia’s post about it is here and mine is here.

*Dana gifted me the shorts pattern even though I wasn’t able to test it for her.  what a nice gal, that Dana.    

*You can find all of my KCW projects here.


24 thoughts on “kcw summer 2013 :: geofloral shorts

  1. dandeliondrift says:

    Those are great shorts. I need to make a pair of shorts for my boy and I was considering Dana’s pattern. (He doesn’t like a button fly so I thought her pattern would be great!)

  2. gail says:

    oh those are so sweet! isn’t it awesome when people make patterns that are perfectly suited for your kid? they look great and i love the way they flare out!

  3. Cirque Du Bebe says:

    They look superb! And I love the term ‘geofloral’. You sure choose lovely fabrics, definitely an unlikely combination but goes so well with that mustard. Looking forward to your next makes…

  4. Andrea says:

    Time to run and play, E (and best of all, hang upside down on the monkey bars without showing off your undies)! Functional, yet sooo fashionable! Well done.

  5. Inder says:

    Ooooh, love these! And yay for shorts! I know so many girls prefer dresses and skirts, and I like those too, but sometimes you need play clothes! Awesome!

  6. frances says:

    Gorgeous shorts and that fabric is great too! If Em asked you to make her shorts then I feel there is hope for us here too. We are deeply entrenched in the “beautiful and round-and-round” dress phase 🙂

  7. Delia says:

    I know! Dana really gets that fit just right. I still have to sew a size 7 waist and 8 length for my string bean Owen but I agree… I smile every time he wears them or I see them in the clean laundry. They fit so perfectly and they finish up so professionally!

    I LOVE to see Em in that top too. It makes my day every time. 🙂

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