vintage may guest: hungie gungie

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

ah, hungie gungie.  i love hungie gungie.  it’s written by two sisters, erin and caroline.  both are hilarious, and both sew beautifully.  no idea when or how i found their blog, but it’s a good one.  sometimes i wish i had a collaboratory blog with my sisters…but until i can talk them into it, i’ll just live vicariously through the hungie gungie girls.

don’t miss caroline’s first try at a hat for her little guy and lovely piped music box jumper, or erin’s beautiful washi tunic and last year’s offering to vintage may, a pillowcase tank dress tutorial!

their post today features ALL THE VINTAGEY THINGS!  vests, knickers, vintage fabric, romper, pleats, suspenders…GOTTA GO SEE!

Hungie Gungie-Vintage May

and be sure to check out their tutorial for that cute little romper!

okay you know the drill – time to head over to Craftiness is not Optional for a preview of happy together’s adorable mod t-shirt dress tutorial!

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