vintage may guest: one little minute

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

it’s kind of interesting how we all discover new blogs – maybe a friend tells us, maybe we are linked from another blog, maybe it’s through a series like this one, and maybe it feels completely roundabout.  the roundabout method is how i found my guest today, Miranda of One Little Minute.  i know i saw her maternity countdown tee all over the place, and DEFINITELY saw her big bow dress floating around Pinterest, and always liked both.  and then i saw this gal popping up on instagram (@lifefreemiranda) and realized it was HER!

anyway, i like Miranda, I think she has awesome style, fun ideas, and makes a mean rockford peach costume too!

head over to One Little Minute to check out her tutorial for a simple half apron and learn how to do a little chicken scratch embroidery on the pocket!

Vintage May- Alice Embroidered Apron- One Little Minute Blog

gotta love the gingham!  then head on over to Craftiness is not Optional to check out a preview of iCandy Handmade’s very cute mod dress tutorial!

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