vintage may guest: a little gray

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

I’m so happy to have my very-long-distance-very-good-pal-i’ve-never-met as my guest today!  you know her as the winner of PR&P season 4, my creative partner in film petit, amazing quilter, all around funny gal…it’s Jessica from a little gray!

also, i know it’s only May, but you should definitely pin this tutorial for Christmas.

Jess has inspired me in so many ways, especially w/r/t boy sewing.  it’s like her personal mission to get us all sewing more creatively for our little guys and i think she’s succeeding – just look at her post today!  okay, so Jess went ’80s – we told our guests that though the title of the series is Vintage May, “retro” is welcomed openly as well – it’s just about celebrating past styles.

don’t worry, be happy!  check out her post!

vintage may title

and once you’re done perusing Jess’ pretty great  tribute to pop art and free-wheeling creativity, shimmy on over to Craftiness is not Optional for a preview of the sweet little tutorial Dana from MADE whipped up!  we actually had bibs like that as kids…ah the nostalgia!

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