vintage may guest: mad mim

Vintage May: Presented by Craftiness is not Optional and skirt as top

i discovered my first guest via my pal Jessica.  she texted me one day saying “do you follow Mad Mim?  I think you’d really like her a lot,” and i obediently headed over to check her out.

Jess was so right – i fell in love instantly.  Miriam has a super cool retro/modern style, she’s the master of hand printing (she’s teaching a class on it at Sewing Summit this year!), awesome crafts, is an open and honest writer, she’s just a person I liked right away through her blog.

she also does a mean refashion, a skill she demonstrates today.  head over to Mad Mim to check out Miriam’s excellent refashion of a shapeless muumuu to a shapely ’40s dress for herself!  pretty incredible transformation, really.  here’s a preview of the result…

mad mim_yellow mumu refashion_vintage may_2

and once you’re through browsing around Mad Mim, be sure to visit craftiness is not optional to see what her first guest cooked up!  (hint: it’s Delia, it’s a tutorial, and it’s adorable!).

vmcinobutton (2)

5 thoughts on “vintage may guest: mad mim

  1. Allan says:

    Kristin, thanks for having me–I’m so excited to part of your awesome series!!
    And Delia’s bonnet is so so sweet!!

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