divided basket for a baby boy

it’s official, the Noodlehead divided basket pattern is my new go-to baby gift.  i made it once for a baby girl (who is set to arrive any day now), and this one for a baby boy!

divided basket for a baby boy

(bongo not included)

it’s for our out-of-town friends Lee & Erin, who welcomed their second little guy in March.  he’s a super sweet and adorable little redheaded fella; we got to go meet him the other weekend.  he inherited his big brother’s nursery, with gray walls and a bit of a whale/nautical theme, so i played off that and added some brighter colors in there too for his basket.

divided basket for a baby boy

the moons are heather ross, used most notably here, the binding is kona olive, the blue/gray faux bois faric is from camp modern by jay-cyn designs for birch fabrics (available here, though i got mine at bolt) and the lining fabric is also by jay-cyn designs, from storybook II (available here, though mine was sent to me by Jess).

if you go check out the divided basket pattern, you’ll see a very similar pieced front pocket.  because i’m a big ol’ copycat.

divided basket for a baby boy

anyway, once again, i LOVED sewing this basket.  it’s a super fun project – it feels like you’re doing a bunch of different techniques and the finishes are all clean and logical, not stressful, so it’s just a joy.  pretty quick, too.  only problem was i ran out of interfacing, so i spray-basted some ikea canvas to the back outer panel for structure – it worked!  (thanks for the idea, Jess)

i still haven’t made one of these to keep yet.  i keep making them, loving them, and giving them away!

divided basket for a baby boy

but the babies need them.

divided basket for a baby boy

so this is a tiny peek at O’s room – Erin painted this elephant for Em’s nursery before she was born so i figured it was an appropriate backdrop.  she put her spin on one we found at a baby decor store.

divided basket for a baby boy

quick side notes: did you know you can now order heather ross’s older out-of-print designs on spoonflower?  and has anyone put in a pre-order for briar rose?  i’m kind of drooling all over it – it’s so sweet and summery!

come back for a fun blog-related announcement tomorrow!


16 thoughts on “divided basket for a baby boy

  1. Jane says:

    I am sooo in love with Briar Rose too, but did not preorder any…Laura (craftstorming) told me about Heather Ross at Spoonflower, yay!! And, I’ve got some of her racecars on order for a pair of jammies for Henry’s upcoming birthday. I love your divided basket! And you know what they say “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” 😉 Also, “Little Blue Truck” is one of our favorites around here! 🙂

  2. Andrea says:

    I love your fabric choices and the fact that Bongo made an appearance! Good to see he is still arounds. 🙂 How fun to have creativity-swaps with a friend…so cool.

  3. Sara says:

    I made two of these baskets for Teacher Appreciation and already know I’m making two more for new little babies. It is fun and pretty quick to sew once all the pieces are cut out and ironed together. I love making them!

  4. gail says:

    i must say, those moons are made for this pattern. great basket, great gift! and yes, the briar rose strawberry knit is a must have!

  5. anna says:

    wohoo, fist pump for the basket! And yes, I pre-ordered briar rose, oh yes I did. It’s almost shamful how much but I’m madly in love. 🙂

  6. Jess says:

    I STILL need to make one! I have the pattern…and OODLES of spare time, why can’t I get around to it? lol…but seriously. you pick out the best fabric combos. And I love the idea of filling it with cute little books and useful baby items. It’s the perfect gift!

  7. lucinda says:

    What a beautiful basket, and great fabric choices! I would imagine that any mom would be over-the-top excited to receive such an awesome gift as this!

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