kcw spring 2013 :: pleated plaid skirt

alright so not the most exciting sewing ever, but something i’ve been wanting to make for months now and something she actually NEEDS, so it’s pretty satisfying. and that’s what kid’s clothes week is all about, amirite?

pleated plaid skirt

Em grew out of her uniform pants (and hates wearing them anyway).  so even though there’s not much school left, she still needed more options as the weather warms up.  i figured this Oliver + S 2+2 Skirt should get her through the rest of the year (and start her off for next too, probably).  it’s a 3T with 1″ in added length.   

pleated plaid skirt

i didn’t do the button loop and instead added a buttonhole on the waistband – i THINK that’s how the “real” uniform skirts close, and i’m supposed to copy them the best i can as you’ll recall.  the fabric is from the uniform company; it’s weird polyester that frays like crazy and doesn’t wrinkle but when you DO iron it into pleats, it stays like that through washing.  so bizarre.    

matching plaids is something i just sort of guess at, but i’m pretty sure my mediocre skills still trump the store-bought ones, so any plaid-match imperfections actually make it look LESS homemade if you can believe that. 

pleated plaid skirt

i just love it with knee highs and a peter pan blouse.

pleated plaid skirt

but it was too chilly this morning for coat-less photos.  sorry, Em!

pleated plaid skirt

quickest photoshoot ever.  seriously, like less than a minute.  

i’m feeling a bit sickish, so i think i need to hit the hay early and hopefully make up for my slacking tomorrow (i finished this skirt at 1am last night, probably not the best idea).  anyway…happy sewing, everyone!

23 thoughts on “kcw spring 2013 :: pleated plaid skirt

  1. Andrea says:

    Poor E will have a solid 10 years of uniform wearing. Ugh! 🙂 And like so many other Catholic school girls before her, she too will ask someday, “What can I do to make this uniform cute?” The answer is always the same…socks, shoes, and hair. Am I right? 🙂

  2. africanbayeaux says:

    Plaid matching looks pretty professional to me, I’m doing my first shirt with plaid for KCW and couldn’t get the plaid to square on fold over pieces and I haven’t got to cutting out yet

    • africanbayeaux says:

      should say ‘sewing yet’ not ‘cutting out’, I’m new to blogging and (feeling slightly stalkerish posting on blogs of people I don’t know) I didn’t realise you cant change your own comments, I must triple proof before hitting post.

  3. Cirque Du Bebe says:

    That looks like way too much work right there Kristin. No wonder you’re feeling sick… but wow, making a uniform is pretty darn impressive. Let alone a crazy pleated one like this…

  4. girllikethesea says:

    oh man, all those pleats must have taken for EVER. But it’s neat that you still get to make her school clothes even though she wears a uniform! Maybe they will switch over to letting all the girls dress like Madeline.

  5. lucinda says:

    I’ve always loved that plaid color scheme . . . what’s not to love about green and blue together?:) Very professional looking! Looks adorable with the knee socks and white blouse:)

  6. Delia says:

    I am super impressed Kristin! So that fabric sounds crazy but also really intriguing…I like that it stays pleated and wrinkle free through the wash. very cool…

  7. rachel says:

    i love knee socks too! aren’t they the sweetest? and the peter pan bouse, too – a staple around here for uniform wear. very nice job on the skirt. i love your button choice!

  8. Adirondack Inspired says:

    This is so impressive! You don’t get to choose the fabric or the pattern, the fabric is kind of weird, and requires pleating and plaid-matching….and yet it is all done so beautifully. Impressed! 🙂

  9. Tara says:

    very cute! the knee-highs are adorable 🙂 I use to teach kindergarten at a private school, so fun to see those sweet little uniforms again!

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