a couple of superheroes

i’m always curious with other sewing bloggers what the clothes look like AFTER they’re blogged, like how (and if) they’re worn in daily life.  this is pretty much how my kids look on the weekends these days.  Em is especially into “the layered look.”

superhero cape

they both are in outfits of their own choosing. okay…well maybe i asked O if he wanted to wear his superhero cape (that i made him for christmas and hadn’t blogged yet). and then maybe Em decided she wanted to wear hers too. and then maybe i just went ahead and took pictures of them in the backyard, unmoved lawn, spaghetti-o face and all.  keepin’ it casual over here.

superhero cape

every kid needs a superhero cape!

superhero cape

his super deeds include watching big sis climb the lilac, broom riding, secret keeping, and giant bouncy ball tossing.

superhero cape

on her: cape, cardigan, store-bought t-shirt in size 3T but it’s pink so she put it on, doily skirt with tulle circle skirt underneath, sparkle leggings and sparkle hair clip from delia, butterfly boots from great aunt Nancy

on him: cape (from my tutorial), raglan t, “basketball shorts” over sweatpants that used to belong to E, socks

superhero cape

i used this awesome rocketship print from Anna for the cape lining. isn’t it fun? i think it’s riley blake…? the outside of the cape is various kona cottons with bright orange and red topstitching.

superhero cape

and one of many blurry running shots. he’s just a tiny superhero fighting crime, nbd. 🙂

superhero cape

PS FILM PETIT with DANA up next!

8 thoughts on “a couple of superheroes

  1. Ros says:

    I wonder that too! I know some of the things I’ve made have been ‘real life fails’ – mainly just that my girls aren’t interested in them so they gather dust in the wardrobe. I’m getting better at sewing for their taste as well as my own. A geranium dress I made recently has been a huge hit with my 4yo and she has barely taken it off, which makes me smile.

  2. Sanae says:

    Such great capes! Love them and the photos so much! It’s definitely hit or miss with the clothes I make – and one of the bummers is that I’m still learning how to construct the garments more sturdily so sometimes my clothes fall apart in the wash…I’m getting really good at mending!

  3. Delia says:

    Love these! Yeah. Most of the clothes I make my kids end up stained. True story. Some of it comes out with spot treating but sometimes not. I don’t let them breathe on it until I take pictures. haha!

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