winter white blazer

because i had to.

winter white blazer

remember when Em wore her brother’s blazer during October’s film petit? it didn’t quite fit her, but still looked so cool that i’d been wanting to make a girlified blazer ever since. finally, with Christmas sewing behind me, i got my chance!

winter white blazer

i originally had it in my head that i wanted to do bright blue velvet blazer like this Crewcuts version, but when i went shopping at Fabric Depot with my sister in law, i spotted a creamy white stretch corduroy that i thought might look just gorgeous (and she agreed). the white shouldn’t pose too much of a cleanliness problem…unless her brother comes at her with spaghetti-o hugs.

winter white blazer

the pattern is the popular Basic Blazer by Blank Slate Patterns (affiliate links) in a 3T (size chart here). it’s available both digitally AND as a paper pattern, if you prefer (i bought the digital version months back). i’d never seen it sewn for a girl before, so i ended up making some modifications both to girlify it and to put it together in a bit of a different way. i followed the instructions as written when i made it the first time and they worked, but you know how sometimes there are multiple ways of doing things and certain methods just click in your head because you’re more used to them? that.

winter white blazer

here’s what i did:

  • cut the back on the fold, eliminating the center seam allowances
  • shortened the length by 1.5″ so it hit at her hip, redrawing the bottom front curves
  • moved the buttons up, marking where i wanted it to close during a fitting
  • interfaced the collar (both sides) and the jacket facings for structure
  • clipped into collar’s seam allowance before basting it to the jacket, pinned the collar 1″ from each front edge
  • added flap welt pocket on the right
  • lined the jacket using this method, a fab tutorial by Grainline Studio which includes finishing sleeves without hand-stitching (woo!)

winter white blazer

i love this jacket. it’s the kind of thing i’d never spend $100 on at a store, but with a fabric store gift card and some elbow grease, i’m super happy it’s now in her wardrobe. i have no idea how often she’ll wear it, but it is very soft and i did make the lining very Em-like so i have high hopes.

winter white blazer

winter white blazer

i stitched around an elephant-stamped linen patch with metallic silver thread and added a hanger loop; the combo of both make it seem Crewcuts-y to me. the lining fabric itself is a gorgeous dec-weight Alexander Henry print (“Laurel Canyon”) that Caila sent to me around Christmastime because she’s just a super sweet gal. the buttons are a pretty metallic gold/silver flower design.

winter white blazer

speaking of metallic, i definitely made her a super twirly (two selvedge-to-selvedge cuts) skirt from Nani Iro sparkly polka dot flannel that i had left over from the commuter cowl to go with the jacket. it’s double topstitched with metallic silver thread and she really loves dancing in it.

get your Basic Blazer pattern here (affiliate link) and please let me know if you make (or have made) a girly one – it’d be fun to see more little gals in blazers! there’s also a Blank Slate Patterns flickr pool if you need more inspiration.

winter white blazer

she wanted to show off this sticker. i guess she’s now entering into her Disney princess phase?


45 thoughts on “winter white blazer

    • kristin says:

      oh thanks girl – same here! i started plotting whether i could make one, but i think it’d take more patternmaking know how than i currently possess. looking at my favorite j.crew jacket scared me off. 😉

  1. lecsmiscellany says:

    I *love* all the pieces! The outfit looks just amazing, and Em looks very happy in it. I love all the little surprises, like the stunning lining, or the metallic topstitching, or the hanging loop and label. Much love!

  2. gail says:

    it’s a stunner (especially in real life)! gorgeous and sophisticated and the lining is so fun! i love how you modified it to be girly. the flannel skirt is dreamy, too. is that frost on the grass in the photos?? brrr. 🙂

  3. Laura says:

    This is just gorgeous and looks fantastic on Em. I finished my first blazer for my youngest last week and I used that same tutorial to line it. I also cut the back on the fold as I made a muslin and doubted if it would fit otherwise. I’ve been toying with the idea of a white or cream one with red constrast for my oldest as we’re going to a wedding in March with that colour theme. I’m not sure he’d keep it as clean as Em though. Such a sweet little skirt too.

  4. sewchibi says:

    OMG, such a little snow angel…. She looks like she should have a little briefcase and glasses and be the CEO in charge of official celestial cuteness!!! That blazer is true to Skirt As Top awesomeness… the surprise of the incredible lining, the coat hanger hook with silver thread (genius!) and the cutey patootie stamp! Perfect!
    That one pic of Em’s eyelashes, sooooo made me smirk… That is one pretty adorable kid you got there 😉
    Oh- and princesses??? HAHA! Welcome to the club!!! There’s a lot of swag in here lol

  5. kim says:

    This is such a fantastic outfit and so beautifully made. I love it! All the little details are perfect and make it so special. The princess sticker made me laugh; we aren’t there yet (it’s probably totally naive to hope we’ll bypass it completely, huh?), but E’s so-so dance teacher keeps asking them who their “favorite princess” is and has them do “princess dances.” GAG! Not what I thought I was signing up for. Sorry for the digression. 😉

  6. Emily says:

    I want this outfit!!!!!!!!!! Love the pockets and the delicious fabric, lining, and coat hanger and tag and polka dots. I just cut out my second blazer- this one’s for my nephew. I was actually wondering about interfacing the collar. . . . The first one I made was for Ansley and the suiting fabric was stiffer/heavier and didn’t need the interfacing. anyway, maybe I just should and interface the facings for a shirt at the same time and then clean the iron. 🙂 (oh and here’s the link to Ansley’s blazer (it’s pink and purple- shocking, no?): PPS love princess phase!

    • kristin says:

      She’s an amazingly clean kid most of the time (though her tights get stained up on the playground at school a lot). Ohhh yes I vaguely remember that jacket – I think that was right around the time I discovered your blog. So adorable!

  7. Running WIth Scissors says:

    oh I love little girls in blazers!! Love the lining and hope she wears it a lot. I made Ellie a blazer in the fall and it’s kind of getting too small–I feel inspired to make her a lighter colored one for spring like yours!

    • kristin says:

      no pattern, but similar to Dana’s market skirt in construction. i cut two panels selvedge-to-selvedge and attached the short edges, gathered the top, then attached it to a waistband that was smaller to reduce bulk at the waist. threaded elastic through, hemmed, done!

  8. Adrianna says:

    Nailed it. You and Cherie are killing me with that nani iro, btw. You better be getting compensated for all that free advertising..

  9. girllikethesea says:

    whoa, that lining is super gorgeous! I love alexander henry fabric. Your jacket came out amazing!
    The disney princess phase is not something I wanted to go through with Clover, but we’re coping……she’s totally obsessed. Princess Leia became a Disney princess just in time too. Lol

  10. jennifer says:

    Loove the jacket!! Love Crew Cuts too:) I hope she wears it a lot. And the lining is FABULOUS!! I adore the skirt and the fabric used. I love it! I like to put Emily in white but not Ava. one is messy the other just isn’t.

  11. Stef says:

    I’m so glad I popped over to see if I missed anything lately – yes!! this amazing blazer!!! I love, love, love white and that lining is just the icing on the cake! Gorgeousness, Kristin!!

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