social media friends and other stuff

i forgot to mention that monday i was over at The Train to Crazy for her Social Media Friends series – a great way to link up and build your social media following.

she’s featuring bloggers and their different types of social media pages each week with a linky party to join in, and mine was Facebook!  did you know that skirt as top has a Facebook page?  i try to link my blog posts over there as soon as i can, and sometimes there are film petit previews and other fun stuff too –  just hit like to follow.

taking a cue from Jessica and others, i wanted to share a quick WIP.  right now i seem to have a bunch of things in progress (which sometimes bugs me – too many WIPs get me twitchy).  but the most exciting thing i’m working on right now is next project for Britex – it’s sewing with SILK!  i thought this was a brilliant plan until i realized i’d never sewn with silk before and i had no idea what i was doing.  i’m taking my time and scouring the internet before i dive in and ruin some pretty fabric.


i’m finding some great tips from fellow Britex Guest Blogger Team member Jen from Grainline Studio – she made a gorgeous tassel scarf tutorial recently AND has a fantastic tip for cutting silk that totally works and saved me from a lot of cursing and drinking yesterday.

have a good weekend!

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