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a great online auction of handmades for the benefit of the community of Newtown, CT opened today and runs through the 18th – i donated a 2.5 yard cut of the now nearly impossible to find but super awesome Rashida Coleman-Hale Washi Tape fabric to the cause. the auction is being run on Facebook by From the Heart Auctions – go here to place your bid on my item!

i bought the fabric when i knew it was becoming scarce in stores, with the thought that I might either make a copycat washi dress to Rae’s, or sell it. I figure this is a much better use! check out and bid on all of the auction items right here. there’s some really great stuff up for bid!

handmade for newtown buttonand thanks so much to Rachael of imagine gnats and Kelley of casa crafty for organizing this thoughtful event.

meanwhile, back in December when my mind was still reeling from the news of the shooting and my hands were ready to DO something, i made a little blanket. while i figured Newtown was probably being flooded with blankets, stuffed animals, and other care items from people around the world, a charity i’ve always wanted to donate to but never had is Project Linus.

project linus blankie

Project Linus accepts donations of handmade blankets for children in the hospital for whatever reason who need a little extra comfort. could just be a trip to the ER for stitches, could be a long term stay for something much scarier. blankets made with love are passed out by nurses to brighten up the sterile hospital environment and give the little patients something to snuggle under. it seemed appropriate for me to take a bit of my time to make something for a child in need,  and it was very healing for me, too.

project linus blankie

i sewed this simple blanket with a yard of Sarah Jane children at play cotton and some soft plaid flannel that i had thrifted. the construction is extremely easy, in fact a blanket similar to this was one of the first things i ever sewed (right sides together, sew leaving a gap, turn right side out, topstitch). i purposefully chose boy fabric, since i figured boys probably had fewer blankets to choose from – Sarah Jane is one of the few designers out there making super fantastic boy prints right now, and I loved the paper airplane imagery too – it seems cheery and hopeful to me. i added double topstitching and a little heart to the corner for a special touch.

project linus blankie

there’s something about blankets, even simple ones, that always get me a little emotional. ever since i became a mom, i have this ultra strong feeling of wanting every child to feel loved and protected, and handmade blankets are this tangible way of wrapping a sick or hurting little one in love.


i drove to a local Project Linus drop site before Christmas with both kids in tow, and on the way there Em had tons of questions about the recipient – she thought we’d be going directly to a hospital and delivering it to a sick boy. she wanted to know his name and why he was sick, and no matter how much i tried to explain that the nurses would decide who needed it, that notion didn’t leave her head. but i guess i must’ve sewed with a certain type of little guy in mind, since i always sew with my recipient in mind, and i hope it has found its way to that little one (heck maybe it’s a girl that loves planes!) wherever they may be.

remember to check out the auction and give generously!

take care.

15 thoughts on “do gooder

  1. lucinda says:

    What a beautiful gesture, both with the donated yardage and the Project Linus blanket. That is such a worthy cause, and your blanket will much loved, I’m sure. I think it’s great that you made it for a boy:) Thank you for sharing.

  2. Ntivemadridian says:

    Many thanks from Sandy Hook, CT. I was one of the extremely lucky parents who was able to pick up my daughter at the firehouse a month ago today, and while this whole experience has been utterly heartbreaking, seeing the support our community has received from around the globe has been such a source of strength. Thank you for standing with us, crying with us, and making this tragedy the catalyst for making the world a kinder place.

    • kristin says:

      Hugs and love sent your way too! I’m so sorry this happened at all, and that your little one was anywhere near the school, but so glad she was safe. I hope your family and the families in your community are able to find healing and peace, and I promise I’ll do what I can to help prevent it from happening anywhere ever again. Take care.

  3. Andrea says:

    Using your talents to help others and give…nothing more inspirational than this! Love you!

    Love and healing to you and your family, Ntivemadridian.

  4. girllikethesea says:

    I love the blanket you made. Project Linus sounds like an awesome charity. I followed your link to the local chapters and there is a lady to contact in my area for it. Might have to come up with a blanket or two to give to them. Blankets somehow get me emotional now as a mom too, and I would be so grateful for anything that would make one of my babies feel safe and comforted in a scary hospital situation.

  5. Delia says:

    You are such a quality person and that blanket is perfection! I made pillow cases for the Million pillowcase challenge over Christmas break and it was so rewarding. Service sewing is the best!

  6. Wendy says:

    The Project Linus we received when my oldest son stayed for a week at OHSU when he was two weeks old is one of our most treasured items from his babyhood; I look forward to telling him the story behind it someday and hope it will keep his little ones warm as well. Love the combination of the airplanes and plaid flannel.

  7. Caila says:

    I love what I’m hearing about Project Linus! I’ll have to look into it and maybe make some blankets. I’m sure Hudson could help me, and it would be a great teaching tool! Wonderful post, Kristin.

  8. Cindy says:

    Project Linus is a great charity! We’ve been on the receiving end a few times (all for relatively minor visits/stays at the Children’s Hospital) and it truly made my kid(s) day.:) I hope the auction raises a ton of money!

    • kristin says:

      Aw that’s great to hear – I love hearing the stories of families that have been on the receiving end of the blankets, too – that makes me even more supportive of the cause.

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